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FACTS - Fundamentals (FACTS002)

2 Days

Who should attend?

Graduate and developing engineers

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Describe the development and the fundamentals of flexible solutions for transmission of AC power
  • Detailed learning of the various FACTS technologies
The need for FACTS* applications
Detailed learning of the various FACTS Technologies
Principle of operation
Shunt connected:
  • MSC: Mechanically Switched Capacitor
  • MSCDN: Mechanically Switched Capacitive Damping Network
  • SVC: Static Var Compensator
  • STATCOM: Static Synchronous Compensator
  • SC: Synchronous Condenser
Series connected:
  • FSC: Fixed Series Capacitor compensator
  • TCSC: Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor compensator.
Factory Visit (if applicable)

*FACTS : Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems

Learning path
Prerequisites FACTS002 Next step
Basic understanding of FACTS applications
Good understanding of electrical power engineering.
This Course
New Course.