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Distribution transformers – Operation and maintenance (C4312)
 Distribution transformers

4 Days

Who should attend?


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What will I learn from this course?
  • Select a distribution transformer
  • Ensure its commissioning, operation and maintenance
Selection of a transformer
  • Operation, losses (iron, copper, other losses)
  • Technology and manufacturing parallel operation
  • Types: underwater, dry
  • Insulating medium
  • On-load tap changers, technology, operation
  • Protection of transformers
  • Standardization
Transformer and harmonics
  • Definition of harmonics
  • Effects of the harmonics
  • Dimensioning
  • High range harmonics and consequences
  • Transformers to reduce harmonics on the network
  • Choice of the premises
  • Commissioning
  • Oil sampling and analysis
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Visual inspections, information on the nameplate
  • Support to diagnosis
Learning path
Prerequisites C4312 Next step
Fundamentals of electricity and
80% Theoretical
20% Case Study
This training can be provided on site at your own convenience.