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SF6 Emission Impact
Suite of 3 modules (ELEI123)
What will I learn from this course?

Provide the needed knowledge for the prevention of contaminated SF6 emissions and the related health hazards for personnel handling this highly potent greenhouse gas.

Emission Impact Awareness Module
  • What is SF6?
  • Where SF6 is used?
  • SF6’s chemical and physical properties
  • Impact of SF6 on the environment
  • SF6 emissions reduction management
  • SF6’s hazards
  • Labelling of SF6 containers
  • Reusing, recycling, and/or destruction of SF6
Emission Impact Prevention Module
  • State (pure, impure and contaminated)
  • Filling process, control measures, pressure test
  • Recovery, quality check
  • Leak monitoring, detection, prevention
  • Inventory, storage, transport
  • Burst risk and precautions, health and safety measures
Contaminated Emission Impact Prevention Module
  • What is contaminated SF6?
  • Associated risks on health and environment
  • Verifying the contamination level
  • Contaminated SF6 recovery
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Cleaning of electrical equipment
  • Hazardous waste

This suite of online courses is available in English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese.

Duration Who should attend?
3 X 45 mns Personnel working in an electrical environment