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Power Systems & Energy Course
PSEC 201-PSEC 205, Power System Planning and Advanced Applications
Power Systems & Energy Course Q2

Select entire four-month program, four-week course, or select one of our 21 courses

Who should attend?

Engineers, planners, consultants, managers, system operators, technicians, finance depending on selected course

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Entire Program: Entire four–month program includes orientation and graduation ceremony
  • Focused Courses: Select a four-week course that includes classes related to a specific focus
  • Individual Class: Select one of our 21 exclusive courses for understanding a specific subject
  • Logistics: Class times are 8 AM–4 PM at the GE Energy Learning Center in Schenectady, NY, USA
PSEC 201 Synchronous Machine Fundamentals:
  • Detailed presentation of the design and construction of synchronous machines - including theory of operation, synchronous machine models, the Park’s transformation, the per-unit system, steady-state and transient operation, and control of real and reactive power.
PSEC 202 Power System Dynamics:
  • Develop the foundation for an understanding of power system dynamic characteristics.
PSEC 203 Distribution Systems Planning and Engineering:
  • Power distribution systems planning and engineering, including basic design and operation of U.S. systems, how to meet cost and performance objectives, equipment application considerations, and how to assess and improve distribution reliability.
PSEC 204 Smart Grid: Substation/Distribution Automation:
  • Smart Grid technology, especially Substation and Distribution Automation applications, designs, technical issues, and benefits are explored. Smart Grid topics including, its real value, and a summary of its architectures are also introduced.
PSEC 205 Power Electronic Applications in Transmission:
  • The application of power electronics in modern power transmission systems - High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) - including newly developed variable frequency transformer technology.
Learning path
Prerequisites PSEC 2017 Next step
Knowledge of electrical engineering,
power systems & engineering
economics - depending on selected course
PSEC 201-PSEC 205,
Power System Planning and
Advanced Applications
Get detailed course information and register online
Classes at GE Learning Center, Schenectady, NY USA or can be provided on site.