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Power Systems & Energy Course
PSEC 301-PSEC 306, The Power Market, Energy Economics and Strategic Planning
Power Systems & Energy Course Q3

Select entire four-month program, four-week course, or select one of our 21 courses

Who should attend?

Engineers, planners, consultants, managers, system operators, technicians, finance depending on selected course

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Entire Program: Entire four–month program includes orientation and graduation ceremony
  • Focused Courses: Select a four-week course that includes classes related to a specific focus
  • Individual Class: Select one of our 21 exclusive courses for understanding a specific subject
  • Logistics: Class times are 8 AM–4 PM at the GE Energy Learning Center in Schenectady, NY, USA
PSEC 301 Introduction to Global Electricity Industry:
  • Participants will be introduced to changing world of global power markets. An overview of markets and current and emerging trends the power industry is facing will be discussed. A key topic will be living in a carbon constrained world, and how renewables can be part of that energy solution.
PSEC 302 Renewable Policy, Fuels, and the Environment:
  • Get a true international look at how renewables can be part of the energy solution in a carbon-constrained world, how changes in world fuel and commodity markets affect the planning and decision making process, and how technology needs to address requirements cost-effectively. An in-depth look at policies as well as costs, benefits, and application limitations will be covered. Examine other alternative energy resources-including gasification, biomass, and nuclear-and the potential applications of these resources
PSEC 303 Power Plant Project Development:
  • An exclusive opportunity to learn about the various aspects of financial modeling, including its importance in the successful valuation of a power project, financial projection using simple pro forma financial statements, all of which will be utilized in a hands on project development exercise. This power plant development project teaches the procedures required to develop an economically attractive independent power generation project involving cogeneration. The scope is based on fossil-fuel-fired power generation cycles and primarily focuses on gas turbine-based systems.
PSEC 304 Strategic Generation & Transmission Planning:
  • Learn more about power system economic planning by creating a long term capacity and transmission plan. Students begin by creating a load forecast which is used to perform a reliability analysis (loss of load expectation). Then students develop and analyze the economic impacts of various expansion plans to produce an integrated generation and transmission plan.
PSEC 305 Power Economics:
  • Understand how economic forces drive utility decisions. View the workings of the utility business from an economic perspective, including what makes the utility business work and how companies can meet their commitment while meeting shareholder expectations. Additional discussions include the impact of economics on plant characteristics, and economic dispatch. Hands-on exercises contrast operational decisions for plants within regulated utilities as well as wholesale market-place utilities.
PSEC 306 Restructuring of Electric Power Industry:
  • Participants will learn about changes undergone by the electric power industry starting from the creation of separate generation, transmission and distribution companies to the formation of electricity markets will be discussed. The disruption of the existing industry due to low-cost distributed generation resulting in the formation of the electric power industry of the future will be covered.
Learning path
Prerequisites PSEC 2017 Next step
Knowledge of electrical engineering,
power systems & engineering
economics - depending on selected course
PSEC 301-PSEC 306,
The Power Market, Energy Economics
and Strategic Planning
Get detailed course information and register online
Classes at GE Learning Center, Schenectady, NY USA or can be provided on site.