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Power Systems & Energy Course
PSEC 401-PSEC 404, Emerging Technologies
Power Systems & Energy Course Q4

Select entire four-month program, four-week course, or select one of our 21 courses

Who should attend?

Engineers, planners, consultants, managers, system operators, technicians, finance depending on selected course

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Entire Program: Entire four–month program includes orientation and graduation ceremony
  • Focused Courses: Select a four-week course that includes classes related to a specific focus
  • Individual Class: Select one of our 21 exclusive courses for understanding a specific subject
  • Logistics: Class times are 8 AM–4 PM at the GE Energy Learning Center in Schenectady, NY, USA
PSEC 401 Distributed E Resources, Microgrids and Grid Resiliency, E Storage, and E Vehicles:
  • Get an overview of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and their role in the power system. The first section of the course provides an overview of the technologies &applications of DER & distributed generation (DG). The second section presents basics of Microgrids, including recent GE experiences in microgrid feasibility studies. The third section is focused on Energy Storage (ES) types and applications. The last section provides an introduction to Electric Vehicle (EV) grid deployment, impact evaluation, and smart charging.
PSEC 402 Distributed Energy Resources: Planning for High Penetrations:
  • How do you plan for and manage a future grid with increased levels of distributed energy resources? This course covers technical, economic, and policy aspects of planning and operations. Will also discuss global lessons learned from integration of high penetrations of distributed solar.
PSEC 403 Smart Grid: Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing:
  • Get an in-depth understanding of Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing as important elements of Smart Grid program deployment; gain comprehensive insights on relevant economic, regulatory, and policy issues; learn more about the development and structure of retail demand response and dynamic pricing programs and participation of demand resources in ISO/ RTO wholesale markets of energy, capacity, and ancillary services; and understand the latest issues on the integration of demand resources into the smart grid.
PSEC 404 Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Systems:
  • Attend a global leader’s look at the comprehensive essentials of renewable energy power systems (wind and photovoltaics), as well as basic knowledge of systems engineering for planning and design of reliable and cost-effective wind and utility-scale solar power plants. Participants will learn about the behavior and economics of power systems with substantial amounts of renewable energy generation.
Learning path
Prerequisites PSEC 2017 Next step
Knowledge of electrical engineering,
power systems & engineering
economics - depending on selected course
PSEC 401-PSEC 404,
Emerging Technologies
Get detailed course information and register online
Classes at GE Learning Center, Schenectady, NY USA or can be provided on site.