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Live Tank Circuit Breaker GL 315 to 318
Suite of 2 modules (ELGL12)
What will I learn from this course?

First module provides circuit breaker’s functions and features including interrupting chamber and spring operating mechanism. Second part, provides routine and advanced maintenance procedures and troubleshooting overview.

Presentation and Operations Module
  • Introduction to High Voltage circuit breakers
  • Rated characteristics
  • Circuit breaker families
  • GL315 to GL318 Circuit breakers presentation
  • Circuit breaker operations
  • Spring operating mechanism
  • Circuit breaker mixed gas monitoring
  • Safety instructions
  • SF6 environmental considerations
Maintenance Module
  • Introduction
  • Maintenance program
  • Routine maintenance procedures
  • Advanced maintenance procedures
  • Troubleshooting

This suite of online courses is available in English and French.

Duration Who should attend?
2 X 30 mns Personnel working in an electrical environment