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Dead Tank Circuit Breaker (DT1) - from 72.5 to 245 KV Presentation and operation - e-learning (ELDT1)
Circuit Breaker DT1-72.5, DT1-123/145/170, DT1-245

30 min

Who should attend?

Personnel working in an electrical environment

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Learn circuit breaker's features, functions and operation
  • Understand the current interruption in a circuit breaker
  • Learn the spring operating mechanisms
  • Introduction to High Voltage circuit breakers
  • Rated characteristics
  • Circuit breaker families
  • GL315 to GL318 Circuit breakers presentation
  • Circuit breaker operations
  • Spring operating mechanism
  • Circuit breaker mixed gas monitoring
  • Safety instructions
  • SF6 environmental considerations
Learning path
Prerequisites Next step
None ELDT2