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Gas-insulated substation Services

Services are performed by local trained and certified field service experts fully equipped for SF6 gas handling up to decommissioning and SF6 reclamation process. GE provides a wide set of services that allow fast response time and cost effective solution for optimized customer asset availability and life time.

Asset Lifecycle Management
Maintenance & Repair
Renovation & Modernization
Technical Training

Asset Lifecycle Management Services

GE’s hv/mv equipment services
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Optimize asset maintenance and replacement strategies with GE’s Asset Lifecycle Management services.

Site inspection

  • Visual, functional inspections and electrical tests
  • Condition assessment with advanced non intrusive inspection services including digital X-ray, DCRM, vibration monitoring and UHF frequency analysis
  • Standard protocol for condition data collection with digital apps
  • Data checks and firsthand diagnostics by GE experts

Gas-Insulated Substation online monitoring Learn More

  • Retrofit with continuous online condition monitoring system
  • Gas density monitoring and forecasting
  • Internal arc localization, circuit breaker condition monitoring
  • Analysis of partial discharge events
  • Remote condition monitoring data analysis and alarm management

Value added services

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair
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Maximizing GIS performance throughout its lifecycle.


  • Corrective and preventive maintenance
  • End-of-life and decommissioning solutions

Spare parts management Brochure

  • Spare parts for maintenance
  • Strategic spare parts stock for critical or phased-out equipment
  • Spare Parts Pooling reducing outage duration and inventory cost

Permanent hotline

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Escalation to technical experts

Renovation & Modernization

Renovation & Modernization

Leverage GE's technical expertise to provide custom engineered solutions

Renovation and overhaul

  • Conduct the overhauling of each bay of the GIS including SF6 circuit breaker, switches, measurement reducers, surge arrestors, electrical cubicles.

Modernization and retrofit to solve obsolescence of ageing equipment

  • Add monitoring on operating assets including continuous online monitoring
  • Implement latest technology solution on brownfield assets
  • Change or retrofit specified parts with major upgrade
  • Replace aging or obsolete circuit breakers manufactured by GE or a 3rd party with a new GE vertical circuit breaker with pure spring mechanism.

Extension for evolving network needs

  • Install additional bays and poles to an existing substation

Technical Training

Technical Training

Enhance your team’s know-how and productivity with technical training.

Comprehensive training methodologies

  • E-learning
  • Modular training
  • Software training
  • Competence development training
  • Educational partnership

Complete scope for all employees

  • Electrical safety and environmental risk prevention
  • Applicable for power transformers, instrument transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, gas-insulated switchgear and HVDC systems
  • Protection and control systems
  • Network management solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Grid modernization solutions for the smart grid