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Quality at Every Step, from Every Team

At Grid Automation, our quality culture is built on providing exceptional experiences to our customers through every interaction with our people and products. Quality is core to our DNA, our policies, and procedures. We start by listening intently to our customers, understanding their current and future requirements, and applying learnings to future innovation with humility and integrity.


We believe and support 3 pillars to quality: people, process, and routine validation.

Empowering our People

Our people are the ambassadors of our brand. We actively invest in the right training curriculum and process support tools for our teams. Ongoing mentorship allows employees to grow and develop the skills necessary to drive a “receive no defect, create no defect, ship no defect” culture. Our employees are accountable to our customers and are empowered to stop the line whenever they have concerns about quality.

Empowering our People
Robust Processes
Robust Processes

We ensure compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to the quality, safety, and performance requirements in the countries in which Grid Automation products and services are offered. Our well-established, repeatable processes are driven by lean and six-sigma principles. In addition, we perform rigorous surveillance and re-registration audits through internal and external registrars. We are proud to hold:


Environmental Management Systems


Quality Management Systems


ISO 27001 - 2017
Information Security Management System

IEC 62443 4 1

Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems Part 4-1: Product Security Development Life-Cycle Requirements


ISO/IEC 17025 2017
Testing and calibration laboratories
* This certification applicable only to labs in Stafford, UK and Markham, Canada


CSA N299.3
Supply of items and services for nuclear power plants, Category 3
* Applicable only to relays and panels built in Markham, Canada

Data Driven Decisions

We set the bar high and measure success at each step of our product lifecycle whether it's design validation, supplier qualification, manufacturing measurements or customer satisfaction. Continuous improvement initiatives are data driven, using eight disciplines of problem solving (8D) and 5-Why methodologies.

Our people, processes, and state-of-the art systems work together to ensure we deliver on our quality promise for customers around the world.

Data Driven Decisions

Quality at Every Step, from Every Team

Building a reputation for quality requires commitment from our team members, trust from our customers, and clear data. GE's Grid Automation team understands this, and we are proud to show you how we have put our quality culture into action.