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GE Energy Announces Two New WiFi Enabled Submeters and a New Compact Industrial Ethernet Switch PDF

GE's Multilin™ Technology Offers Advancements in Submeters and Ethernet Switches

MARKHAM, ONTARIO—February 8, 2012—GE (NYSE:GE) today announced the release of three new innovative Multilin technologies that provide advanced metrology and communications for submeters and Ethernet switches. The new EPM 6100 and EPM 7100 energy submeters and the ML810 managed compact Ethernet switch are the latest Multilin technologies from GE Energy - Digital Energy’s Grid Automation business.

These technologies illustrate GE’s commitment to ease of use and ensuring seamless system interoperability for clients. The communications capabilities of the submeters allow for direct interface with most building management systems thereby reducing integration costs.

Multilin EPM 6100 & EPM 7100 Submeters
The Multilin EPM 6100 and Multilin EPM 7100 meters offer owners of shopping malls, office towers and factories the ability to accurately allocate costs to individual tenants. These compact submeters perform energy measurements with 0.2 percent accuracy and provide advanced, flexible communications with WiFi, Ethernet or serial options for easy access to meter values, simplified configuration and seamless integration into new or existing automation systems. The EPM 6100 provides owners the ability to monitor the power quality through harmonics, while the EPM 7100 supports up to 2 Megabytes of data logging to perform power use studies.

Multilin ML810 Compact Ethernet Switch
The Multilin ML810 hardened Ethernet switch is specifically designed for use in industrial facilities, substations and transportation environments, and features industrial hardening and advanced security. It is a cost-effective, reliable, high-speed networking solution for mission critical applications that provides flexibility and easy-to-use management functions.

In addition, the ML810 provides support for industrial and utility applications and communications protocols, making it an ideal switch for fully-managed industrial networking in small and medium projects.

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