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Southern California Edison Chooses GE-Led Collaboration for Transmission System ProtectionPDF

    • Centralized Remedial Action Scheme Project to Coordinate Operations, Improve Grid Reliability
    • System Minimizes Risk of System-Wide Outages
    • Cisco, Instep Software and Systems Integration Specialists Company, Inc. (SISCO) Provide Key Technologies

SAN DIEGO—January 30, 2013—Southern California Edison (SCE), electric service provider for Southern, Central and Coastal California, has called on GE (NYSE: GE) to provide a centralized remedial action scheme (CRAS) solution to facilitate the operation of multiple remedial action schemes. Operating in conjunction with the previously installed XA/21 energy management system from GE, the CRAS will detect abnormal conditions on the power grid and automatically select and initiate the appropriate high-speed control action in order to preserve grid stability and protect key elements of SCE's transmission network.

SCE's current distributed remedial action schemes (RAS) manage the operation of its electrical grid following the loss of one or more transmission lines. The CRAS project improves the efficiency of SCE's transmission grid operations by centralizing the control logic for the various RAS in one location, resulting in reduced commissioning costs, maintenance efficiencies and more effective processing of generation interconnect requests designed to meet renewable energy portfolio targets. As the remedial action scheme framework is built out, the reliability of SCE's grid operations also will be improved by coordinating operations, eliminating greater than necessary generation and/or load tripping and broadening the effectiveness of the protection logic for any given RAS.

The project, spearheaded by GE, will utilize a SISCO controller to carry out algorithms for the RAS and will feature an advanced communications network from Cisco capable of meeting the needs of Southern California Edison's electrical grid. These two components work hand-in-hand with GE's XA/21 system to create a real-time control framework capable of meeting SCE's stringent requirement of 50 msec control response.

"GE's centralized remedial action scheme will enhance the stability and reliability of Southern California Edison's electrical grid," said Michael Carlson, general manager—software solutions for GE's Digital Energy business. "The new CRAS is a prime example of GE's company-wide commitment to innovatively solving our customers' toughest challenges with efficient, reliable and sustainable energy solutions."

The centralized remedial action scheme will utilize state-of-the-art protection, control and data transmission technologies over an extensive high-speed telecommunication network to enhance grid reliability. In addition to supplying Southern California Edison with a highly available production environment for CRAS, GE also will provide development and quality assurance/test environments to support ongoing CRAS operation.

This announcement was made at the DistribuTECH 2013 trade show, which runs from January 29-31. For additional information on GE announcements, please visit the GE Digital Energy Press Room.