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GE Launches Smallworld™ Physical Resource Assignment SolutionPDF

Automated Assignment of Physical Paths to Support Service Requests

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM—April 28, 2011—GE (NYSE: GE) announced today the Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment solution—GE’s next step to strengthening the value of Smallworld solutions for customers operating in the new telecommunications industry landscape. An integral part of GE’s Smallworld Network Inventory portfolio, the Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment solution takes a customer service request and assigns the required physical resources needed to support that request. This enables network operators to increase ‘first-time turn up’ of service, reduce cost of installation failures and improve quality of service.

“In order to realize the vision of a next generation network, service providers need to focus on two vital business processes—network engineering and service fulfilment,” said John Turner, product line leader for Smallworld Communications Solutions—digital energy for GE Energy Services. “Both are underpinned by the need for accurate network inventory to support customer demand and ensure new services can be provisioned in a cost-effective manner. GE’s Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment solution fully automates the physical path assignment that is the bridge between these two critical business processes. ”

The Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment solution provides a fully connected physical network; reduces the number of installation truck rolls required and delivers more accurate provisioning.  Utilizing the TM Forum MTOSI standard, the Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment solution provides an API which allows service requests to be received and processed. GE’s Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment solution is built on a J2EE application server using an Oracle database to provide the performance and scalability that Tier 1 telecommunications need from such a solution. 

This new software product enables users of GE’s Smallworld Physical Network Inventory solution to fully automate physical path assignment. All the relevant physical network resources are assigned to a service request—whether the service request is from within an operator’s own business or from a third party provider. When a request is received, Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment identifies the customer location and then determines the physical path upstream from that point back to a main serving location, which could be a street cabinet or a central office. GE’s Smallworld Physical Resource Assignment builds all the necessary network connections (i.e. jumpers, cross-connects, splitter connections, etc.) to construct the physical path. This path and the details of the work required to activate the path are then returned to the requesting system for further action.