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GE Energy's SGM3000™ IEC Smart Energy Meter Provides Utilities a Solid Foundation to Modernize the GridPDF

New Meter will Help Build More Efficient, Sustainable and Reliable Electric Grids

ATLANTA, GA—January 18, 2012—GE (NYSE: GE) announced today the availability of its new SGM3000™, a family of IEC smart energy meters designed specifically for utilities facing growing energy demands. GE's new IEC smart meter will lay the foundation to help Australia and the Middle East overcome 21st century energy challenges, building a more efficient, sustainable and reliable electric grid.

"Today the world is facing energy challenges like never before," said Luke Clemente, general manager—metering and sensing systems for GE's Digital Energy business. "For example, Australia's electricity rates have risen 60 percent the past 10 years, and the Middle East has some of the highest energy consumption in the world. As the demand for efficient, reliably energy grows utilities are adopting advanced grid technologies to help meet these challenges. With the new IEC smart meter, GE can play a key role in helping energy constrained regions realize the benefits of a modernized grid."

Smart meters provide two-way communications between the utility and the meter. With nearly 100 years metering experience, GE's new family of meters will set the stage for intelligent grid applications and open the door to effectively manage distributed generation and aggregated load control. Key features of the meter include:

•  Meeting the IEC International Electrotechnical Commission's metering
   standards in Australia and the Middle East.
•  Supporting revenue grade metering for residential, commercial and
   industrial applications.
•  Supporting multiple grid applications; ready to integrate into a suite
   of software applications to increase network efficiency and quality
   of supply for customers.
•  Modularity, scalability and flexibility to meet customers' critical needs.
• Improved energy efficiency from the utility to the home.
•  Enhanced access to multi-utility measurements for electricity,
   water and gas.
•  Extensive relay and multi-element configurations for application flexibility.

GE's Digital Energy business is working around the globe to modernize the grid with advanced technologies to increase reliability and efficiency and meet the world's 21st century energy challenges.

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