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GE Energy Announces a Cost-Effective, Flexible, Advanced Smart Metering Solution for IEC Markets, Laying the Foundation for Global Grid Modernization PDF

GE's SGM1100 Builds on 100 Years of Metering Experience to Help IEC Markets Increase Energy Efficiency, Improve Power Reliability and Better Manage Energy Costs.

BILBAO, SPAIN—March 22, 2012—GE (NYSE: GE) announced today the availability of the SGM1100, a PRIME (Power Line Intelligent Metering Evolution) PLC compliant smart meter designed for global utilities following IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) requirements.  The SGM1100 provides utilities with a cost-effective and flexible solution to meet the requirements of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), laying the foundation for increasing efficiency and better managing energy costs.

“With almost a century of experience developing robust metering solutions for utilities, GE is proud to announce the availability of the SGM1100 smart meter for IEC markets,” said Luke Clemente, general manager, Metering & Sensing for GE’s Digital Energy business. ”GE has a deep understanding of the unique needs of the utility having built electric networks around the globe including everything from transmission, distribution and metering. With SGM1100, GE is helping utilities around the globe take the next step in their energy evolution, becoming more sustainable, reliable and productive through AMI.”

AMI is the cornerstone to grid modernization, enabling two-way communication between the utility and the consumer. Through AMI, utilities and consumers can benefit from improved power reliability, greater availability of renewable energy and increased control of energy usage including enhanced electric vehicle charging.

The SGM1100 is a single-phase meter designed to support residential and small commercial energy consumers. In alignment with local standards, the SGM1100 meets IEC requirements and provides   PLC AMI communications with the PRIME and the DLMS/COSEM protocols.  

Designed for ease of use, GE’s SGM1100 enables utilities to accelerate installations, automate provisioning and reduce the amount of required post-installation support, which results in faster and more cost-efficient deployments. Additional benefits include:

•  Increased security features and a dual pole relay for increased safety during installation and service
•  Remote upgradeable firmware via the PLC communications to reduce on-site visits for maintenance
•  Local communications enabling site-specific configuration, firmware updates and on-demand diagnostics
•  An integrated PRIME PLC modem providing reliable and interoperable communications with PRIME compliant data


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