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GE Executive Proposes New Solution for Municipal Utilities To Meet Our 21st Century NeedsPDF

Address at Municipal Smart Grid Summit Outlines a Complete Smart Grid Solution Offered in a Low Risk, High Value Structure with Low Capital Requirements

Atlanta, GA – July 26, 2011 — GE’s Mike Carlson introduced a plan for a new smart grid solution in an address at the Municipal Smart Grid Summit in Florida today. Increased productivity, reduced operational expenses and minimal integration risks were touted as key benefits of a solution tailored specifically for small to mid-market utilities. Carlson outlined the dramatic changes facing municipal utilities, the resulting challenges that must be overcome to thrive in the 21st century and GE’s planning of a “wing-to-wing” solution for meeting those challenges.

“Power, gas and water needs are growing as our infrastructure continues to age and electricity prices continue to rise,” said Mike Carlson, General Manager, Smart Grid Solutions for GE’s Digital Energy business. “Global electricity demand is expected to increase 75% by 2030, and population growth is expected to outpace expansion of available freshwater. Digital technology communications and energy infrastructure are converging, and our utility infrastructure is becoming more complex. These challenges are driving a mature industry to adopt new approaches to managing its products and services.”

As a result, Carlson said small to mid-market utilities need to think in a new way, look for solutions to better manage resources, identify options to manage data complexity easily, and find new technologies to optimize energy delivery … all in an easier and less capital- intensive solution.

“A constantly changing environment requires a constantly evolving solution,” said Carlson as he laid out GE’s plans for a new smart grid solution for small to mid-market utilities, featuring three options of delivery models: implemented solutions, GE-hosted data service and service-based offerings. The integrated smart grid solutions include:

    Advanced Metering Infrastructure

    Meter Data Management Systems

    Demand Response Management System

    Geospatial Information Services

    Outage Management System

The solution will also integrate with existing utility systems, such as customer information systems, integrated voice response and customer billing.

“GE’s model offers tremendous benefits to the small to mid-market utilities and its consumers,” continued Carlson. “It offers the utility the opportunity to play in a space traditionally deployed by larger utilities, accelerates deployment with immediate benefits and offers advanced capabilities while reducing or eliminating the upfront costs of ownership. For consumers, it enables programs such as electric vehicles and brings the promise of the smart grid to life faster. More importantly, it allows active energy management for today and tomorrow.”