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Transformer Monitoring and Diagnostic Software Enables Fast and Reliable Decision Making


GE's portfolio of Perception™ transformer monitoring and diagnostic software has been designed to help maintenance engineers and asset managers monitor and diagnose transformer data collected by GE's Monitoring & Diagnostics range of on-line monitoring units. The data includes DGA, calculated models, bushing and other transformer measurements.

By providing access to this valuable data along with powerful diagnostic tools, Perception delivers clear transformer condition information. This enables decisions to be made quickly and reliably, helping to extend the life of transformers, reduce unplanned outage, and avoid catastrophic failure.

There are three versions of Perception available, scaled from local use by maintenance crews, up to a fleet wide enterprise monitoring solution. Each version uses the same intuitive and configurable interface with unique benefits tailored to operation, monitoring, and maintenance needs.

For more information about Perception software, please click here.