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OG&E Deploys GE’s Smart Meters

Oklahoma Gas & Electric is deploying 6,000 GE Smart Meters to bring real time energy usage data into homes, enabling consumers to reduce usage during peak hours and save money.

In Oklahoma City, 6,600 people are plugged into a “smarter grid” made possible by Oklahoma Gas & Electric and GE. The technology project involves a whole new way of distributing and managing electricity that puts consumers in the driver’s seat. In addition to the two-way GE digital SmartMeters connected to participants’ homes, OG&E customers also have wireless consoles that display the cost of electricity per kilowatt hour at peak and off-peak times. The SmartMeters communicate with the electric company, and the display terminals communicate with the project participants. “Yesterday, we sent the customer a bill,” says Chris Greenwell, Manager of Commercial Services for OG&E. “Now, we give the customer tools to make intelligent choices.”