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Robust, Maintenance Free Voltage Regulation Solutions

The voltage on modern distribution circuits is becoming increasing difficult to manage. New distributed energy resources, such as solar, combined with the growth of sophisticated loads creates voltage challenges on distribution network systems.

Existing voltage control devices cannot maintain a consistent voltage profile, especially when trying to manage the intermittency of these resources and loads. These new loads and intermittent resources tend to drive the voltage regulation beyond its designed capability.

These increased operations reduce the typical voltage regulator life expectancy and increases the ongoing maintenance cost for reliable operation. The ongoing maintenance requirement of most voltage regulators, along with the reliability cost associated with unit performance contribute significantly to the total cost of ownership for voltage regulators. GE helps address these challenges with robust and reliable voltage regulation solutions.

GE’s family of Voltage Regulators set the industry standard in terms of robust design and product reliability. The GE design fully complies with the strict requirements of IEEE C57.15-2009 and NEMA 4, and is independently certified by KEMA. GE Voltage Regulators can operate up to 2 million mechanical operations, providing years of reliable service without having to incur costly maintenance outages.

These cost effective, robust solutions regulate voltage on the network without comprising quality and reliability, and provide a total cost of ownership that is nearly 20% better than other competing products.

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