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GE employs new tech in WDPEC Abu Qir project to help meet growing energy demand

GE employs new tech in WDPEC Abu Qir project to help meet growing energy demand

Alexandria, Egypt: Dec 7th, 2020 – GE’s Grid Solutions (GE: NYSE) today announced the energization of a ground-breaking project with Egypt’s West Delta Electricity Production Company (WDEPC). Employing for the first time the company’s advanced vertical circuit breaker, the team has executed the extension of the Abu Qir Thermal Power plant, connecting it to the new Abu Qir Gas-Insulated Substation (GIS). The project has helped to meet growing energy demand in the region.

The advanced vertical circuit breaker technology uses a pure spring mechanism that is more efficient and less costly than other circuit breaker technologies. Additionally, it can be employed in facilities with limited space due to its vertical orientation. Employing this technology can bring an additional 20 years of utilization to a substation.

The project called for an extension of WDEPC’s existing GE 245 kV substation to connect it with the Abu Qir Thermal Power Plant. Most traditional solutions would have required the build of an outdoor extension, increasing both the cost and time needed to complete the project. Instead, for the first time worldwide, GE’s Grid Services team were able to install a newly developed vertical circuit breaker technology that would fit the existing space, eliminating the need for the extension.

Alaa Tawfiq, General Manager Electrical from West Delta Electricity Production Company, said, “We are very proud to have worked with GE’s Grid Solutions for this project, using this technology for the first time anywhere in the world. The solution has exceeded our expectations in terms of both technical capabilities and delivery. Through this partnership, we are now able to efficiently discharge the power generated from the new Abu Qir substations, further meeting Egypt’s growing energy demand.”

Mohammed Mohaisen, President & CEO, GE’s Grid Solutions MENAT & SSA said, “Building on an extensive and fruitful partnership, we are extremely happy to have worked on this project with WDEPC. Bringing new technology and the expertise of GE’s Grid Solutions to the table, we are affirming our commitment to the Egyptian market. Our goal is always to deliver impactful results to ensure the needs of the community are met.”

GE also provided self-healing power systems, network and asset control planning, as well as the management, protection, and automation of the substation. With onsite high voltage testing completed in July, GE’s project scope is now complete, and energization is scheduled for this month.

Following the success of the WDEPC project, GE's Grid Services has signed contracts for this new vertical circuit breaker technology in France, Germany, and Canada. Discover the Vertical Circuit Breaker technology.