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Multilin R650 - Advanced Recloser Controller for Distribution Automation

Reduce outages and ensure fast recovery of MV network with GE’s Multilin R650 Recloser Controller

GE is proud to announce the newest distribution automation product offering, the Multilin™ R650 recloser controller. The Multilin R650 delivers advanced, protection, monitoring, control and supports the latest in industry standard communications to deliver automatic network configuration for reduced outages and recovery of medium voltage network sections.

Key Highlights

  • Unique driving electronics module enables true 4 shot auto reclosing in less than 1.4s for optimum system performance
  • Advanced logic engine for creating customized control schemes
  • Flexible communication interfaces and network protocols connects remote SCADA/OMS/DMS with minimal latency
  • Proven reliability based on GE’s 650 relay and control platform, with an installed base in excess of 100,000 devices globally