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Key Milestone Reached in GE’s HVDC Voltage Source Converter (VSC) project in Sweden

GE’s Grid Solutions has reached a key milestone in our HVDC Voltage Source Converter (VSC) project for Sweden’s state-owned grid operator Svenska Kraftnät (SvK). Earlier this summer, we successfully completed a 30-day trial run of the GE Link 1 converters in the SouthWest Link project. The trial run was conducted in key operational modes, including STATCOM and power transfer, confirming the reliability of GE’s HVDC VSC technology. See SvK’s statement here.

During the 30-day trial run, there were no trips due to GE’s HVDC VSC technology, including the hardware, firmware and software equipment, as well as the sub-system. The Link 1 converters - located in Barkeryd and Hurva - were also operated remotely from the dispatch center without any local intervention, demonstrating the ability of the system to be operated in unmanned conditions. The converters also demonstrated their ability to handle DC line faults and disturbances on the AC network running from Hallsberg to Barkeryd, as they were designed to do.

GE is currently preparing for the final milestone of the SouthWest Link project: a 30-day trial run of the Link 1 and Link 2 converters in parallel operation by the end of the year.