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Kelman Transport X2 - Portable Onsite DGA

Compact onsite Kelman Transport X2 brings improved DGA performance

GE is pleased to announce the availability of its latest transformer Monitoring and Diagnostics product offering, the Kelman™ Transport X². Benefiting from more than 40 years of global DGA experience, the Kelman Transport X² encapsulates intuitive advancements to bring improved performance, innovative new features, enhanced user experience and greater robustness to customers in generation, transmission and distribution, and industries.

Key highlights of this release include:

  • Multiple oil types – capable of measuring seven gases and moisture including mineral oil, synthetic and natural Ester fluids.
  • Data synchronization simplified – Easy-to-download measurement results to a local PC running GE’s Perception software with Transport X². Innovative ‘Plug and Play’ solution for USB memory stick data retrieval.
  • State of the art design – remodeled and intuitive touch screen interface and a modern and robust case offering IP67 rating when closed to protect the device in harsh environments.