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Kelman DGA 900

GE announces the release of the Kelman DGA 900 - the next generation of on-line multi-gas and moisture analyzer for transformers

United Kingdom, June 2017 - GE is proud to introduce the Kelman™ DGA 900, our next generation multi-gas on-line Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and moisture analyzer, which once installed on a transformer will help detect and diagnose incipient faults and trend asset health via the monitoring of 9 critical gases plus moisture. This can be applied to any mineral oil, natural or synthetic ester fluid filled power transformer used in generation, transmission, distribution and industrial applications.

Today, as the global average age of transformers continues to rise and grid architectures become more dynamic, the possibility of rapid ageing, unplanned outages and even catastrophic failure between off-line tests also increases, leading many asset owners to adopt on-line DGA monitoring strategies to increase network reliability and operational efficiencies. The Kelman DGA 900 is designed to cater for this need and utilizes an evolved implementation of GE’s proven Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) measurement technology, providing laboratory challenging levels of precision and repeatability with no consumables and no need for frequent re-calibration.

Graham McGuigan, Product Line Leader for GE’s Monitoring & Diagnostics business states “With over 40 years of DGA vendor experience and 15 years specifically in Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) sensing technology for DGA, GE is excited to launch the Kelman DGA 900. It encapsulates our learnings and improvements derived from its predecessors to bring improved performance, innovative new features and increased robustness aimed at achieving an enhanced and more flexible user experience for our customers.”

Key features of the Kelman DGA 900 include:

  • Advanced Proven Technology: Utilizes GE’s 4th generation Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) technology with improved measurement accuracy, lower detection limits and repeatability. Complete 9 gas DGA up to once per hour, or for critical situations new “Rapid Mode” for a reduced set of 5 key fault gases in ~30 min
  • Reliable, Available, Traceable: Enhanced reliability and easier field servicing from the only vendor with 15 years of PAS experience and an installed base of >13,000 units. First Kelman line DGA device to be fully designed and developed by GE through a rigorous New Product Introduction tollgate process. 5-year warranty as standard on every unit
  • Intuitive and Flexible: Integrated 7” color LCD screen for simplified local user interaction and visualization of data. Innovative two-enclosure design enables adjacent or separated installation. Can connect to AC or sub-station DC power
  • Scalable and Connected: Highly expandable analogue and digital I/O and integrated computing power provides a platform ready for expansion and future feature enhancements, complemented by a large range of secure communications option.

The Kelman DGA 900 is an invaluable foundational tool for implementing Asset Performance Management (APM) across electrical generation, transmission and industry, enabling a condition based asset replacement strategy and delivering improvements in system reliability and availability. A DS-Agile™ and PREDIX™ Grid APM ready device, the DGA 900’s wide range of communication methods and protocols enables connection to those platforms and integration with GE’s Perception™ transformer fleet management software as well as other software, historian and SCADA systems.