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GE's MDS Orbit Platform to help SouthernLINC Wireless step up to NextGen communications solutions
Italy takes the next step towards the European Supergrid
  • GE e-terraphasorpoint Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS) goes live in Italy, a first for GE in Italy
  • Improving grid visibility and electricity availability of Italy's entire network
  • Enabling Terna Rete Italia to advance plans for European supergrid connection

PARIS, May 2, 2016 – The European Supergrid takes another step towards smarter, more sustainable electricity transmission. Last year, Transmission System Operator, Terna Rete Italia, SpA, took delivery of e-terraphasorpoint: the world-leading Wide Area Monitoring (WAMS) software system from GE (NYSE: GE). This is GE's first deployment of its synchrophasor-based measurement and monitoring software in Italy. Now live, e terraphasorpoint has improved both grid visibility and electricity availability across the Italian utility's entire network. And thanks to WAMS agreements, they are expanding their visibility to include neighboring countries.

Terna has been a leader in adopting WAMS technology. In this first phase, they are using the e-terraphasorpoint software to collect data from approximately half of their installed Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs). GE's e-terraphasorpoint software is fully scalable. It will allow Terna to quickly move into the next phase in the near future and expand their system to double the number of PMUs connected, as well as collect data from partner countries. This is the basis of the European Supergrid: improving network intelligence to optimize availability and enable cross-border energy trading.

GE's complete e-terraphasorpoint base package includes visualization, notification, alarm management and historical data services, including additional configuration, training, testing and warranty support. E-terraphasorpoint works to optimize capacity, while detecting potential disturbances to the grid. It provides actionable information so that system operators can make fast, informed decisions. With its “big picture” capabilities it is able to provide an overview of available renewable and distributed energy sources, making integration easier to anticipate and manage. This is essential, as Terna has fixed CO2 emission reduction goals at 15 million tons per year. Finally, by better understanding system constraints and localized pain points, network analysts will be in a better position to plan future improvements cost effectively.

“The European Supergrid is fast becoming a reality,” said Karim El Naggar, Software Solutions General Manager, GE's Grid Solutions and Chief Digital Officer, GE Energy Connections. “Italy's deployment of GE's e-terraphasorpoint technology makes this transition much more viable. It increases visualization and optimization across borders. This solution helps each interconnected country benefit from the highest possible availability of sustainable electricity, using the smartest GE digital solutions to make these connections.”

Find out more about GE's WAMS technology, Grid and Battery Charging Solutions at the IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition, from 3-5 May.