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Enhanced Safety, Premium Reliability and Uninterrupted Service with GE’s SUPERBUTE Instrument Transformers

Instrument transformers perform a critical role in the management of power delivery systems by providing the inputs to measurement, protection and control equipment. Therefore, accurate, reliable performance with a long-service life is vital. GE’s SUPERBUTE dry-type instrument transformers are engineered and rigorously tested to provide a measureable difference in reliability and durability. Since the very first unit produced in 1955, SUPERBUTE instrument transformers have provided utilities with a number of benefits for enhanced safety and a lower total cost of ownership.

GE’s SUPERBUTE designs contain several unique features, making it one of the most robust products in the industry. In addition, it provides utilities with a number of benefits including:

  • Enhanced safety and minimizes maintenance
  • Low environmental impact
  • Unique and superior transformer design lowers the total cost of ownership
  • Manufacturing excellence, robust testing and extensive field experience
  • Simplified ordering with emergency availability