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GE powers up the headquarters of EU and NATO PDF

  • GE's PowerOn™ Advantage to help Brussels manage their electricity network
  • To help integrate decentralized renewable energy into Brussels' electrical grid
  • Helping Belgium meet the 13% renewables based energy system by 2020

BRUSSELS, May 11 2016 – The headquarters of the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are about to be given an extra boost in energy connections. GE (NYSE: GE) has been engaged by Sibelga, Brussels' sole distribution network operator for electricity and gas, to provide an advanced distribution network management system (ADMS). This system will aid in the integration of decentralized renewable energy generation, helping Belgium reach its goal of a 100% renewables-based energy system by 2050, with a near-term goal of 13% by 2020. The contract will be delivered in phases over the next six years, followed by a 12-year maintenance contract.

The EU has set a binding target for renewable energy sources to make up 20% of final energy consumption. As a result, EU member countries, Belgium included, have adopted national renewable energy action plans to meet their renewable energy targets. By 2014, Belgium had close to 7.5 MW of energy derived from renewable energy sources and needs to continue to introduce more renewable energy sources into the grid, such as wind and solar, in order to fulfil its ambitions. Brussels is a highly developed urban area and over the years, investments have been made to incorporate solar power into the grid, as well to effectively manage the burden of the increased use of electric vehicles.

"Grids today have to be more perceptive and predictive, yet increasingly reliable. GE’s PowerOn™Advantage helps us efficiently manage our network, providing us with an intuitive user experience, allowing us to focus on key operational workflows and provides us with greater awareness of the grid’s performance," Jean Perbal, Director Grid Operations at Sibelga. "The integration capabilities of PowerOn™Advantage with our existing GIS, GE’s dedication to R&D and their investment in a long-term relationship are just some of the main reasons we signed this contract."

GE's Grid Solutions' ADMS, PowerOn™ Advantage, will allow Sibelga to manage the network load and the impact energy demand has on the grid, to move forward by empowering field teams via next generation mobile technology. The platform will also assist the company in their preparation for the implementation of European Network Codes. PowerOn™ Advantage's integrated adaptive network solutions will enable Sibelga to model the network, optimizing any curtailment and maximizing renewable export to the grid. It will also aid Sibelga in predicting decentralized renewable generation, such as solar, based on archived data and weather forecasts. On the demand side of electricity, the ADMS will also help influence consumer's behaviours based on restrictions or incentives such as pricing. As part of this contract, GE will replace and extend Sibelga's existing SCADA and Data Management System (DMS), introducing Smart Grid to Brussels by 2018.

"Renewable energy has been increasingly incorporated in today's networks. The ability to smoothly integrate renewable energy into the grid is essential to ensure the continuous connection to a stable and reliable electricity network." said Karim El Naggar, Chief Digital Officer, GE Energy Connection. "We remain committed to helping our customers with their ambitions and will continue to play a strong part in helping EU meet its 20% target by 2020 and beyond."