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GE and Fujitsu Launch World’s Best-Selling Smallworld™ Geographic Information System in Japan
GE and Fujitsu Launch World's Best-Selling Smallworld™ Geographic Information System in Japan

Tokyo, January 6, 2016 –General Electric International Inc. and Fujitsu today announced an agreement to bring GE's industry-leading Geographic Information System (GIS), Smallworld, to market in Japan. The Smallword GIS software will be coupled with Fujitsu's systems integration, maintenance, and operations services, to offer utility customers the premier GIS software solution in Japan.

GE's Smallworld GIS software is a packaged software solution which has played a key role in the construction, operation, maintenance, and management of critical network assets in more than 1,300 companies world-wide. GE's comprehensive suite of integrated tools enable customers to lower the cost of asset ownership, simplify critical network infrastructures and deliver the flexibility required to meet the dynamic network requirements of utility customers in the electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications sectors.

“We believe the combined offering of GE's Smallworld and Fujitsu's systems integration, maintenance, and operation services will meet market demand for more comprehensive asset management solutions,” said Youichi Ishida, Deputy Head of Government & Public Utilities Business Unit, Public Sector & Regional Sales Group, Fujitsu Limited.

Smallworld provides a powerful, consistent architecture at the heart of many applications, such as those used for planning electric, gas and water distribution systems, designing telecommunications networks and evaluating strategic market opportunities. The software integrates with other products that require spatial information, including systems for customer relationship management, market analysis, and network and work management.

“GE has deep domain expertise helping utility customers around the world get the most out of their network assets,” said Hideo Nemoto, senior sales manager, GE's Grid Solutions. “Utilizing Fujitsu's sales and support network in Japan, as well as its -Information and Communications Technology systems-building capabilities, is the ideal way to serve our utility customers and meet the growing need for advanced asset management solutions in Japan.

Smallworld Features

  • Packaged software solutions with asset-management applications optimized for various industries. This eliminates the need for customers to independently develop dedicated applications and enables significant reductions in the time and cost required to deploy and operate network systems.
  • High performance for large-scale systems. Smallworld builds models of all infrastructure types as predefined objects and recognizes the operational status of the infrastructure and its mutually-connected relationships. These models are seamlessly mapped using Google Maps and other maps services database which reduces the time necessary to incorporate map data. This integration means that processing speed is not diminished even when analyzing systems with large numbers of managed assets. Data can be visualized from a unified database in a number of formats, including map, kilo-post display, and schematic diagram, according to customer needs.
  • Scalability through connections with external databases and peripheral systems. Smallworld connects to various external databases and data files and use them as one large virtual database. Customers can easily connect to existing systems without excessive labor or costs.