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GE and CLEM to step up their collaboration on sustainable mobility for smart cities

PARIS - October 27, 2016 - The start-up CLEM, a French operator specializing in shared electromobility, and GE Energy Connections (NYSE: GE) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly develop and market a sustainable mobility solution that addresses electromobility in smart cities: from the provision of shared electric vehicle management platforms to integrated management of charging stations in the Smart Grid.

The proposed solution will be adapted to the challenges of tomorrow's cities which will be digital, connected, intelligent and more environmentally friendly. It will capitalize on the know-how, expertise and technological innovation of both partners and will target communities of between 2,000 and 300,000 inhabitants, businesses and managers of collective housing such as lessors and eco-districts. This solution, while optimizing electrical networks, will enable the deployment of shared, sustainable mobility service offerings for users in a given area such as an urban community, a town or city, and an eco-district.

It provides for the connection of electric vehicles signed up for car-sharing services and charging terminals with systems for energy monitoring of the area and management of the electricity grid. Users of a car-sharing service will have access to complete, agile electric mobility services, such as vehicle registration, guaranteed visibility of the availability of charging stations and vehicles, multiple functions and booking schemes, cost-control of electric vehicle use, monitoring the profitability of the system, financial exchanges related to the use of services, etc.

"Digital Substations have a strong part to play in the UK's energy and climate goals. Our solution allows utilities to have real time information on how energy flows in the Grid, enabling quicker decision making and greater electricity availability. The ability to effectively integrate more renewable energies, while optimizing allocation of capital and operational expenditure, is key as the UK moves towards lowering its carbon footprint.” said Herve Amossé, General Manager, Grid Automation at GE's Grid Solutions.

The local authority playing the role of the manager of the energy community and the network manager will have access to real-time data on the use of the present and future electric load related to electric vehicles. The data obtained will facilitate network management, the deployment of charging terminals and investments related to the adaptation of the network, leading to better integration of electric vehicles into the power grid, also contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Under this MoU, CLEM will provide its service platform from which the shared electric vehicles are managed, trips are shared and bookings made on public and private charging terminals. The CLEM "Plug & Play" offering connects to the existing charging stations or ones under construction, and works for all types of electric vehicles, regardless of whether the owner is the local authority or an individual. It interfaces with existing mobility systems and can carry external data.

GE Energy Connections’ Grid Solutions designs and deploys cutting-edge solutions. It equips nearly 90% of utilities throughout the world. Grid Solutions combines all the resources and means of the world's leading digital industrial group with its PREDIX™ platform, and will roll out its Smart Grid software and automation solutions. Specifically, the distributed resource management (DERMS) and community energy management (CEMS) systems will be the tools for collecting and processing the real-time data necessary for managing and optimizing the load related to the use of electric vehicles.