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GE Software Helps to Modernize Belgium’s Electricity and Gas Grids

  • GE Provides Eandis, Belgium’s Largest Distribution Operator, with PowerOn™ Advanced Distribution Management System
  • GE Solution Helps Eandis Reduce Costs and Improve Quality of Supply
  • Agreement Includes Seven Years of System Maintenance and Service

GHENT, BELGIUM – June 29, 2015 – GE’s Digital Energy business (NYSE: GE) has announced that Eandis, the largest distribution operator in Belgium, has implemented and gone live with its PowerOn™ Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). The software platform enables Eandis, which covers 80 percent of all grid connections in the Flemish region of Belgium, to improve the efficiency and operation of its gas and electric grids as well as its renewable energy integration capabilities.

In addition to providing its ADMS software, GE also will provide seven years of maintenance and service to Eandis’s new system. This project with Eandis marks the first implementation of GE’s ADMS solutions in Belgium.

With its existing SCADA platform at the end of its life and to improve reliability and reduce costs, Eandis decided to implement a modern ADMS platform. It turned to GE’s PowerOn ADMS, which integrates traditional utility distribution functions such as network management, outage management and regulatory reporting with emerging low-carbon technologies like embedded generation and energy storage – all in a single platform. The system is an evolution of GE’s proven technology platform for SCADA and advanced distribution management.

"When looking to upgrade our existing SCADA system, it was important for us to work with a company that understood what capabilities we were looking for,” said Wim Den Roover, director of network operation, Eandis. “With GE, it was clear that its smart grid ideology and our roadmap were aligned, and together, we developed a shared vision for the future smart grid.”

With the implementation of the new distribution management solution, flexibility was a key concern. Utility networks continue to evolve every day, often requiring updates to be made quickly and efficiently to ensure optimal operation. GE’s PowerOn ADMS accommodates overnight upgrades to improve the system while maintaining continuity in the utility control center. This flexible approach to adding new features simplifies the upgrade process, making it less time consuming and more cost-effective. In addition, this update method enables Eandis to continuously access new, advanced functionality tools moving forward and throughout its modernization strategy. Data quality and migration were other concerns for Eandis when deciding how to replace its SCADA platform.

“Many solutions available today seem to be geared toward transmission companies, not those on the distribution end. GE’s PowerOn ADMS, however, was clearly designed by people who have worked in distribution utilities. Its solution, and expertise in the industry, made our data migration process simple,” Den Roover continued.

PowerOn uses smart grid intelligence to help utilities integrate and optimize power generated from renewable sources such as wind turbines, solar arrays and biogas operations. With the implementation of GE’s grid modernization solution, Eandis is now better equipped to help meet the European Union’s goal of 20 percent carbon reduction by 2020, part of the 20/20/20 initiative.

“With our ADMS, Eandis will be able to provide a constantly evolving, evergreen distribution network that is capable of meeting changing requirements of the smart grid and the low-carbon economy in Belgium,” said Paul van Dijk, director for GE’s Digital Energy business in the Benelux region. “The ability to integrate renewables into the grid can lead to more reliable, efficient and cleaner energy. This, in turn, creates a more attractive environment for businesses and consumers, helping to spur economic development and improve lifestyles. Our advanced grid modernization solutions, like our ADMS, help make renewables doable for utilities around the globe.”