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GE Delivers Fully Integrated Solution to Help ORES Advance Towards a Digitally Enabled Grid
  • GE’s integrated software solution will help ORES manage increasing renewable energy
  • GE’s solution will help ORES improve network reliability and optimizing asset investments
  • With this implementation, GE’s ADMS will manage 80% of all electrical connections in Belgium

Belgium, February 21, 2018 – Belgium’s Wallonia region will soon move forward with the modernization of the region’s multi-utility operational systems.  ORES, an integrated electricity and gas distribution network operator in the Wallonia region, operates more than 49,000 km of electrical and 9,000 km of natural gas networks daily, serving 1.5 million electrical and over 480,000 gas customers, has selected GE Power (NYSE: GE) to deliver an integrated software solution for the operation of its distribution network.

As with many grid-operators worldwide, ORES faces the challenge of balancing the increasing share of generation supplied by renewables, namely wind and solar, coupled with supporting modern loads driven by evolving consumer behavior, such as increased mobile device recharging and heat pump use. At the same time, ORES remains under ongoing pressure to optimize operational expenses and investments. With these challenges in mind, ORES developed a clear strategy to secure the future of their distribution infrastructure, including improving network reliability and implementing smart metering, all while improving their customer focus and as such, selected GE as their solution vendor of choice.

The utility aims to contribute to improving Belgium’s energy market through this adoption and implementation of modern tools, applications and technologies. GE’s cross-utility solution will span network planning, managing electric and gas distribution networks, telecom networks, and assets as well as provide a mobile platform for universal data access and field automation. The ORES solution will include GE’s Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), Mobile Enterprise, Smallworld Geospatial Information System (GIS) Electric Office, Smallworld Physical Network Inventory and Smallworld Gas Distribution Office. GE’s solution will allow ORES to move to a fully integrated IT/OT1 landscape by 2020.

With the ORES implementation, GE’s ADMS systems will soon manage approximately 80% of all electrical connections in Belgium2. This experience, coupled with GE’s ability to deliver integrated GIS-ADMS-Mobile solutions across electrical and gas utility networks cemented ORES’ selection of GE as a partner. “GE has a proven track record in multi-utility environments both in Belgium and globally,” said Fernand Grifnée, CEO, ORES. “With GE, it was clear that their solution portfolio fully supported ORES’ strategic vision and their team was committed to working with ORES to deliver our long-term success.”

“With GE’s solution, ORES will be able to improve their network reliability, control and operational efficiencies, while optimizing asset investments,” said Steven Martin, Chief Digital Officer, GE Power. “ORES’ new system will support Belgium’s transition to a smarter grid, with a roadmap to renewable management, flexibility market and smart meters and will support the country’s transition to a 100% renewables-based energy system by 2050.”

1 Information Technology/Operational Technology  2 GE has also installed ADMS systems for Sibelga and Eandis