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GE Delivers World's First FCC Certified Router for Anterix™ 900MHz
GE Delivers World's First FCC Certified Router for Anterix™ 900MHz

GE is proud to announce that our MDS Orbit™ 4G LTE router is now Anterix Active™ and available for use on Anterix 900 MHz private LTE spectrum. Orbit is the first device to receive FCC certification (ID: E5MDS-4GY) to operate on Anterix 900MHz, delivering the security and reliability needed by critical infrastructure for the energy, transportation, logistics and other sectors of the economy.

As utilities continue to strive for grid modernization by adding more sensors and controls to their network, the potential for reliable and predictable connectivity that private LTE brings is important because it addresses traditional concerns about reliability and security of a public network.

Anterix is the nation’s largest holder of licensed 900 MHz spectrum, which provides an optimal balance of capacity and coverage for wide area deployments. Private LTE broadband networks operating on Anterix 900 MHz can help utilities automate processes, monitor environmental conditions, enable artificial intelligence, and drive productivity.

“Anterix is focused on delivering the transformative power of 900 MHz private broadband to our nation’s utilities, providing them with the ability to deploy mission critical communications securely and reliably,” said Anterix COO Ryan Gerbrandt. “Leveraging GE’s MDS Orbit router, our customers will be able to manage their private LTE platform with confidence enabled by a highly secure, industrial grade, wireless communications product for broad based applications.”

“Utilities are facing an important decision on how to migrate their current networks. The high bandwidth, low latency Private 4G LTE on Anterix 900 MHz poses an exciting and secure alternative to owning and operating the many disparate networks they have today,” said Chris Trabold, General Manager-Industrial Communications, GE Grid Solutions.

The MDS Orbit router is designed to meet the communication needs of critical infrastructure such as electric, oil & gas, and water. The MDS Orbit platform offers industry leading cyber security and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) compliance to protect critical networks from attack. Dual SIM and dual radio uplinks help minimize network downtime with capabilities such as signal quality based smart auto failover.

In addition to Anterix or CBRS private LTE, the MDS Orbit router can be configured to support existing licensed, unlicensed, public carrier cellular (such as AT&T or Verizon), with powerful routing and QoS capability to send data over the appropriate link while providing auto failover in the event of a network outage.

For more information on how GE can help you deploy a robust Private LTE network or for a demo, please contact your local sales rep.

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