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Exponential growth in sales of GE’s SF₆-free 145 kV g³ gas-insulated substation in Europe


In 2014, GE announced its game-changing g³ insulating and switching gas in replacement of SF₆ for its high voltage equipment. Just three years later, Axpo, the largest producer of renewable energy and a distribution grid operator in Switzerland, energized the first F35g 145 kV g³ gas-insulated substation (GIS) at its Etzel substation near Zürich. After the successful energization of this first GIS, sales and installations of GE’s SF₆-free GIS have grown exponentially across Europe.

In 2022, GE’s SF₆-free F35g GIS reached more than 50% of its European 145 kV GIS sales, highlighting a faster pace of adoption than expected. This highlights the confidence placed by European transmission and distribution grid operators in GE’s g³. In addition to the 145 kV GIS, there are other products made available with the g³ gas mixture, such as the 420 kV gas-insulated substations and lines as well as the 145 kV live-tank circuit breakers, furthering the deployment of g³ technology.

Growth trend of g3 adoption in Europe from 2017 to 2022

Developed commonly in France and in Switzerland, g3 technology is a game-changing gas alternative to SF₆ with a drastically reduced environmental impact: about 99% less global warming potential (GWP). While GE’s g³ product portfolio features the same ratings and dimensional footprint as SF₆, it has a significantly improved life cycle assessment compared with SF₆ products and other alternatives. g³ gas is non-toxic and not flammable and belongs to the same safety class as SF₆ according to the EU’s REACH evaluation process. As it doesn’t contain any vacuum interrupter, the high voltage equipment does not generate X-rays that could impact field workers or surrounding equipment.

As we transition into the grid of the future, GE’s g³ insulating and switching gas allows utilities to adopt best practices in terms of environmental sustainability while benefiting from the same technical performance as SF₆ products. Learn more about a better grid for the planet and stay tuned for more to come.