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EnergyAPM - Optimizing transmission and distribution equipment with Asset Performance Management

GE’s Grid Solution launches EnergyAPM, a data analytics software, specially designed for Power Transmission and Distribution assets providing an Asset Performance Management portfolio of applications and services.

EnergyAPM combines asset data with industry expertise, analytics and connectivity, helping operators to develop an intelligent performance strategy for managing electrical substations.

Built on a microservices-based architecture by product and services specialists, EnergyAPM offers a suite of software services, each configured and running as managed and isolated container turning data into insights – easy to maintain, upgrade and integrate with client and third-party systems.

Beyond secure data connectivity, processing and storage, the core services provide rich user features such as historical data viewing, alerts and configuration interfaces that are seamlessly integrated into the EnergyAPM user experience.

Grid Services experts partner with customers to select and implement the additional modules among advanced diagnostic and prognostics, asset reliability, asset health, strategy and works required to achieve substation specific outcomes.

EnergyAPM can be customized to different application needs, from daily operation to strategic planning, ranging from 10 to 1M+ assets. Functionalities, processing power, and storage, can be tailored to evolving needs at anytime.

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