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D20E Substation I/O Module

Extend substation I/O to enable advanced automation and SCADA with the Multilin D20E

GE is pleased to announce the release of the Multilin™ D20E, the next-generation input/output module for substation automation and SCADA RTU applications. The D20E has been designed to provide a simplified upgrade path from existing D20 I/O devices. As a non-edge device, the D20E leverages the latest microprocessor technology, communications and applications, for deployment within an electronic security perimeter such as with a substation server (e.g. D20MX or D400) or with protection & control relays.

Key highlights include:

  • Advanced Technology - Future-proof, state-of-the-art I/O module
  • Reliable and Cost Effective Upgrade - Simplified upgrade of existing D20 I/O devices with terminal block alignment and minimal field wiring requirements
  • Open, Secure Communications - Support for DNP3 and IEC 61850 allows for increased connectivity with devices within the substation
  • Application Flexibility - Four hardware configuration models (Status, Control, Analog, Combination) available for optimal adaptation to substation management and control