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GE releases latest Smallworld GIS Adapter version connecting the electric network with operational systems

The global release of Smallworld GIS Adapter 4.3.4 provides Utilities with an automated way of introducing the electric network to operational systems. Smallworld GIS Adapter provides a workflow driven approach and IEC® CIM-based data standards that are integrated with GE’s PowerOn™ Advantage and other GE products. This release includes new features and capabilities including model extension to network export supporting new DMS requirements, validation and integrity checking of end-to-end common utility data exchange workflows, and system deployment and configuration tools and documentation.

Smallworld Electric Office and Smallworld Electric GIS’s hold the accurate up-to-date as-built information to operate, plan, build and maintain the assets on an electric network that are necessary to support and provide reliable electric service.

For more information about GE’s Smallworld GIS Adapter and Smallworld Electric Office, click here.

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