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GE provides utilities and industrials with a flexible and cost effective solution using broadband power line communication

GE's e-terrapowercom is a broadband power line modem with integrated switch designed for communications on medium and low voltage grids. The solution is based on broadband PLC technology with additional networking capabilities, to build reliable and cost-effective communication networks utilizing existing power cables.

e-terrapowercom provides a ruggedized design with superior performance of up to 200Mbps of bandwidth and flexible switching features, suitable for a diverse range of applications such as metering, automation, asset monitoring, video surveillance and IP telephony.

Key benefits include:

  • Easy and fast installation using existing power cables with compact footprint and no additional infrastructure cost.
  • High bandwidth providing multiple services in Ethernet IP for seamless network integration. Low latency compared to cellular technologies for real time applications.
  • Dedicated and owned network eliminates dependency on telecom providers, coverage problems and leased line fees, allowing full priority and control of the data channel.
  • Extends network coverage to places that radio frequencies cannot reach, such as underground chambers and substations.
  • Supports a variety of network topologies such as rings, string lines and point-to-multipoint matching most of power grids architectures.