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GE Launches Next Evolution of Innovative Multilin 8 Series Platform PDF

  • Comprehensive Motor Management System Improves Operators’ Situational Awareness
  • Improves Visibility of the Electrical System by 8x, Compared to Traditional Protection Systems
  • Supports Multiple Industry-Standard Communication Protocols to Improve System Interoperability

MARKHAM, ONTARIO – September 10, 2014 – GE (NYSE: GE) today announced the availability of the Multilin™ 869 Motor Protection System designed for the protection, control and management of medium and large induction and synchronous motors. Built on GE’s 100+ year history in industrial electrical automation, the Multilin 869 joins the Multilin 850 feeder protection system to create a common product platform that will enable industrial and distribution utilities to enhance the reliability of multiple different assets in their electrical infrastructure and reduce costs associated with unplanned outages.

As part of the Multilin 8 Series platform family, originally announced in September 2013, the Multilin 869 delivers high-speed protection and control features and easy-to-use tools for faster motor configuration and startup helping operators get the Multilin 869 configured quickly. The system also generates motor functioning reports which facilitate quick and easy identification of potential motor issues and any needed corrective action to help operators minimize motor failures and limit unplanned downtime. Should a failure occur, the Multilin 869 also provides enhanced motor failure-mode analysis through broken rotor bar detection and stator turn-turn fault enabling operators to quickly identify a repair plan.

“Our customers’ electrical infrastructures are mission critical to their operations and our Multilin 869 Motor Protection System has been designed to deliver process reliability our customers can count on,” said Bala Vinayagam, director, product management, industrial protection and control for GE’s Digital Energy business. “This new platform builds on the advances in technology and design we introduced last year which maximize reliability and product life to help our customers protect their operations.”

Overall, the 8 Series platform delivers:

  • A proven motor thermal model built on more than 25 years of protecting medium and large motors for various industrial applications.
  • Detailed motor health report and motor diagnostics so operators can make proactive decisions to reduce unplanned outages and plan maintenance schedules.
  • GE’s patented environmental awareness module which actively monitors both the environment and its own internal components, coupled with standard harsh conformal coating on the 8 Series’ printed circuit boards, helps deliver high reliability and extends product life.
  • Advanced cybersecurity features to help customers comply with the latest NERC/CIP and NISTIR 7628 cybersecurity requirements.
  • Advanced communications to allow easy integration into process and electrical control systems for smoother asset monitoring and control. With many industrial processes using a variety of communication protocols, integrating a new product can potentially increase the overall system cost and downtime. GE has designed the 8 Series to include advanced and flexible communication options to make integration easier and faster.

All GE protection, control and substation automation products adhere to rigorous quality processes, certified to International Standard Organization (ISO) 9001:2008 standards, encompassing the entire product development process from product design and testing to manufacturing and customer support.

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