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Introducing Compact Protection Solutions for Feeders, Motors & Transformers
Fit-for-Purpose Protection and Control Solutions for Feeders, Motors & Transformers

GE announces new enhancement to the powerful and compact Multilin 3 Series of protection & control relays. With this latest release, the Multilin 3 Series offers comprehensive asset monitoring and diagnostics, support for redundant communications, and enhanced cyber security features, enabling a proactive maintenance approach for extended asset life and maximum process uptime.

Redefining new standards for performance, asset monitoring, and ease of use, GE’s Multilin 3 Series provides primary or backup protection for critical feeders, motors and transformers used in industrial and distribution utility applications. With a unique, compact design that is available in a drawout or non-drawout format and with an automated setting file conversion tool, the Multilin 3 Series is the ideal upgrade solution for aged or legacy devices currently in operation.

Key Highlights Include:

  • Application Flexibility with fit-for-application options, new protection elements, improved logic, and user configurable CTs
  • Extend Switchgear and Circuit Breaker Life with real-time monitoring and diagnostics including CT/VT monitoring, Trip/Close circuit monitoring, breaker health monitoring, and relay health monitoring
  • Simplified Device Integration supporting the latest in redundant communications architectures (PRP/HSR) and protocols (IEC 61850)
  • Unparalleled Ease-of-Use with new offline simulation tool and automated M Family to 3 Series setting file conversion, simplifying fleet management and relay testing