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GE Energy Introduces a New End-to-End Fault Detection, Isolation & Restoration Reliability Improvement Solution PDF

GE Energy's Distribution Automation Reliability Improvement Solution Improves Distribution System Reliability and Customer Uptime

Markham, Ontario —February 27, 2012 - GE (NYSE: GE) announced the release of its End-to-End Fault Detection, Isolation & Restoration (FDIR/FLISR) system, a complete distribution automation solution that enables utilities to significantly improve the reliability of their distribution network.

This solution is capable of detecting power system outage locations and automatically sectionalizing and reconfiguring distribution circuits to restore power to as many customers as possible.  The new FDIR/FLISR advanced distribution automation system can often reduce typical customer outage time from hours to under a minute as well as improve a utility’s SAIDI and SAIFI reliability indices.

This powerful solution from GE includes the Multilin D400 DA, a substation based FDIR system that can automate up to twenty distribution feeder circuits; the Multilin DGCS Switch Controller; the Multilin DGCR Recloser Controller; and the MDS Wireless Communication network which seamlessly work together enabling easy deployment across the distribution network.

This solution is very scalable and can be rolled out incrementally across the system providing utilities with the flexibility for staged deployments as their network requires.  This distributed substation and field intelligence solution provides additional reliability with the ability to restore local parts of the network even when wide scale problems such as loss of backhaul communications to the control center occurs.

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