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Extend your Metering Capability with GE's Multlin Meter Enclosure


Expanding existing switchgear or installing new metering capability can be challenging due to space limitations, downtime and installation and equipment costs. GE's Multilin™ Meter Enclosure is a pre-wired configured, economical solution for both retrofit expansions and small scale meter installations that allows the expansion of existing switchgear capability without expensive and time-consuming design.

When ordered as a meter option the enclosure provides a factory pre-wired, installation ready metering solution that further drives energy cost savings, by enabling the measurement of key energy usage information along multiple metering points for new or existing systems.

Ordering the enclosure is simple when selected as an option during meter configuration ensuring correct pre-wired meter-compatible delivery.

Visit our website or schedule a meeting with your local Regional Sales Director to learn more about the Multilin™ Meter Enclosure, GE's solution for retrofit and small metering systems.

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