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GE's EPA ENERGY STAR Certified UPS to Help Data Centers, Hospitals and Banks Deliver Critical Power EfficientlyPDF

    • SG Series Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) with eBoost Technology is First Three-Phase UPS to Receive Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) ENERGY STAR Certification
    • eBoost, GE's Patented Multi-Mode Operation, Offers Users Energy Efficiency up to 99 Percent
    • Multi-Mode UPS Operation Receives Endorsement from The Green Grid and EPA to Improve Data Center and UPS Efficiency

ATLANTA—September 27, 2012—GE's (NYSE: GE) ecomagination™-qualified SG Series Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) with eBoost™ technology today received the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) ENERGY STAR™ certification. The certification includes the SG Series 300-750 kVA modules and is the first three-phase UPS in the industry to receive this recognition. The SG Series UPS provides reliable back-up power to mission critical facilities like data centers, hospitals and financial institutions.

"Increased amounts of energy consumption in data centers have become an industry-wide issue," said Riccardo Rutili, general manager UPS for GE's Digital Energy business. "Today, data centers consume large amounts of energy to run their computers and servers, including critical back-up power equipment like UPS. Our SG Series UPS with eBoost technology helps customers improve their power usage effectiveness (PUE) while reducing their carbon footprint."

GE's eBoost software increases UPS operating efficiency from 92-94 percent in double conversion mode, up to 99 percent in multi-mode operation, and improves data center overall efficiency as measured by PUE. The multi-mode UPS operating mode (generically called "eco mode") is becoming a recognized trend in the data center industry. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the EPA and The Green Grid recognize how important it is to implement new energy efficiency technologies like multi-mode UPS into today's data centers.

"The need to improve data center and UPS efficiency continues to grow as data centers become larger with the expansion of digital media, wireless networks and cloud computing," said Robert Meyers, data center product manager, ENERGY STAR. "The EPA recognized the need to promote improved product efficiency in data centers and has expanded the EPA ENERGY STAR program to include UPS products. We included UPS multi-mode operation in the program as an innovative strategy for increasing energy savings in UPS systems."

Recently, The Green Grid also announced its support of multi-mode UPS operation by including the energy-efficient operating mode in its Data Center Maturity Model as a recommendation for improving data center efficiency.

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