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GE Simplifies Substation Automation with Advanced GatewayPDF

    • Enables Faster and Simplified Access to Non-Operational Data
    • Provides a Cost-Effective RTU Upgrade Solution
    • Simplifies Integration into NERC-CIP Environments through Built-in Advanced Security Features

MARKHAM, ONTARIO—May 24, 2012—GE Energy (NYSE: GE) announces the release of its Multilin D400 Advanced Substation Gateway with Distributed I/O Controller for the consolidation and optimization of substation monitoring, control and communications.

Simplifying the management of non-operational data, GE's Multilin Advanced Substation Gateway provides an Automated Record Retrieval Manager (ARRM) tool. ARRM enables users to securely retrieve and store records from devices connected to GE's substation gateway, archive the information locally and automatically distribute to user-selected locations within the enterprise network.

GE's Multilin Advanced Substation Gateway combined with the new Multilin Distributed I/O Controller, allows users to maintain and use existing engineering designs, processes and automation infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly building expansions, new control panels, wiring and unnecessary system outages. This offers a cost-effective upgrade alternative to GE's Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) with I/O modules, which are extensively used in substation automation systems globally.

In addition, the Multilin Advanced Substation Gateway provides enhanced reliability of critical infrastructure in electrical substations through advanced built-in security features in line with NERC-CIP requirements.

GE Energy has more than 20 years of experience in the substation automation industry, providing innovative industrial energy management solutions. GE's larger portfolio of substation automation equipment and energy management software solutions help customers utilize power efficiently and economically by building a fully integrated energy management solution.

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