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GE Energy's Multilin™ B95Plus Bus Protection System Reduces the Time and Cost of Field Wiring for Large Bus Protection ApplicationsPDF

Distributed bus protection simplifies field wiring through the flexible mounting and simple expansion capabilities of the HardFiber Brick IEC 61850 process bus solution

Markham, Ontario —February 8, 2012 GE (NYSE: GE) announced today the availability of the Multilin™ B95Plus Bus Protection for protection of large power system buses. The B95Plus system is the first large bus protection relay to use the Multilin HardFiber Brick IEC 61850 process bus merging unit in a distributed bus protection architecture.

The busbar protection system, B95Plus, directly reduces the time and cost required for design, installation and commissioning of field wiring between the primary equipment and the control room for bus protection systems. Field wiring is terminated directly at the HardFiber Brick installed on primary equipment. A connectorized fiber optic cable between the Brick and the B95Plus is the only wiring across the switchyard. For new installations, this allows utilities to transfer the work of designing, installing and commissioning field wiring for new installations to primary equipment suppliers as they install Bricks during their manufacturing process.

The B95Plus is a gateway to the widespread adoption of process bus to reduce the future cost of installing all protection systems. The Brick is an environmentally hardened and compact design that allows installation anywhere in the substation without additional cost or equipment. Measurements and commands are transmitted to and from the Brick via IEC 61850 message formats. Therefore, the Brick can be a distributed I/O interface for any protective relay, such as the Universal Relay family from GE, supporting appropriate sampled value message formats as per IEC 61850.  Installation of future relays for other zones of protection is simply matter of connecting to the fiber optic cable from the Bricks.

The B95Plus meets the demanding performance requirements for speed and reliability of bus protection for all configurations and voltage levels. The B95Plus has 6 zones of 3-phase protection and supports up to 24 feeders. With a reconfigurable dynamic bus replica, the B95Plus is suitable for application on single breaker, breaker-and-a-half and double bus (with and without bus couplers) configurations. The dynamic bus replica is configured using intuitive graphical software to reduce the configuration time and learning curve.

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