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GE Introduces Advanced Light and Pressure Arc Flash Detection SystemPDF

    • Industry's first high-speed arc flash detection system utilizes unique light and pressure sensing technology
    • Arc flash detection and trip initiation in as fast as 1 msec., significantly reducing equipment damage
    • Self-test and diagnostic capabilities eliminates the need for continuous maintenance procedures and costly
      test equipment reducing the total cost of ownership

MARKHAM, ONTARIO—February 5, 2013—GE (NYSE: GE) announces the release of its Multilin A60 Arc Flash System, a device that uses GE's patented light and pressure wave detection technology to quickly and reliably detect and initiate a trip signal, in the event of an arc flash condition. By initiating the trip signal, the Multilin A60 helps minimize equipment damage and reduce the costs associated with unplanned downtime and lost production.

Designed for medium voltage switchgear and motor control center applications, the Multilin A60 is a protection relay independent, stand-alone device that can be used in new or existing installations for continuous monitoring and fast detection of an arc flash event. Its design includes five arc flash sensors for optimal coverage and its scalability allows multiple Multilin A60 devices to be connected, delivering increased fault isolation for reduced equipment damage. The Multilin A60 simplifies installation, commissioning and maintenance with sensor auto-calibration, eliminating the need for CT connections or setup software, reducing total operation and maintenance costs.

The Multilin A60 comes equipped with a self-test feature that monitors the health of the sensors, the full length of the fiber cables, and the unit itself, eliminating the need for periodic testing, additional test equipment, and ensuring reliable operation when needed most.

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