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GE Smart Grid Solution Expands Portfolio of ecomagination™ Products

ATLANTA, GA.—April 22, 2010—The GE (NYSE: GE) Field Force Automation (FFA) toolset that utilities rely on for optimizing field worker activities has earned GE’s ecomagination™ status for the significant environmental benefits the solution delivers, GE announced today.

FFA is a Web-based, efficiency-building solution that optimizes mobile workforce operations through automated dispatch, paperless information sharing and intelligent worker assignment. Utilities using FFA report their crews fix problems faster, perform maintenance that prevents problems before they happen and are more efficient on the job thanks to more accurate, immediate status information and direction. At the same time, FFA achieves these performance improvements while reducing the travel, personnel requirements and time spent in the field.

“Field Force Automation makes utilities smarter in a number of important areas,” said Bob Gilligan, vice president—digital energy for GE Energy Services. “Crews get where they need to be faster and more efficiently. When they are on the job, crews have immediate access to the precise information they need to assess the situation and make the right decisions. They’re saving time, fuel, paper and cost while delivering better service with a smaller carbon footprint. This is the smart grid at work.”

To earn ecomagination approval, a product is evaluated for its ability to significantly and measurably improve a customer's environmental and operating performance. The rigorous, multi-tiered review process is concluded with an independent, third-party audit to ensure accuracy and thorough documentation of technological performance.

FFA earned its ecomagination status by delivering performance improvement in three major areas:

Significantly reducing service crew travel times through its route optimization engine. For example, a utility with 27 crews previously using an in-house developed work management solution reduced traveling time on the audit day from approximately 140 hours to 95 hours. Assuming just half this level of savings each day, a utility with 1,000 field crews would reduce its service vehicle CO2 emissions by approximately 2,700 metric tons annually.
Automatically balancing multiple objectives including travel time, workload balance and preference for high-priority work orders. For example, a utility with 120 crews on duty was able to further reduce traveling between service locations by 17% when compared to its previous mobile workforce management solution.
Saving paper waste by enabling field workers to communicate electronically rather than by using paper for work orders and completion forms. For example, a utility with almost 200 crews used FFA to reduce its paper consumption related to work orders by 70%.

In addition to these ecomagination benefits, FFA users typically experience several other business improvements, such as better data quality from the digitization of processes, increased revenues from capturing previously non-invoiced work and better-informed decisions due to keener insight into their operations.

GE ecomagination approval

The ecomagination product review process provides a third-party verification of claims, quantifying operating and environmental performance benefits that accrue to GE’s customers by using ecomagination products relative to baselines such as competitors' best products, the installed base of products and regulatory standards. These ecomagination claims can be found in GE's printed materials and advertisements and on the Web at Ecomagination products are re-approved regularly to help ensure that claims remain accurate.

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