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Power Quality

Industrial and commercial facilities need a reliable source of power to optimize the operation of their facility's equipment and systems. Grounding errors, transient voltage (surges) and harmonic distortion are a few system issues that may affect power system quality and reliability. GE can provide a full range of products and services designed to address all your power quality needs. GE experts have the skills and experience to analyze the issue, make recommendations for improvement and design & implement the solution.

GE Power Quality Services Deliver Value by Providing

Power system expertise focused on determining the root cause of power quality issues

Power factor correction in harmonic rich environments through harmonic filters

Improved voltage profiles by providing switched capacitor solutions

Medium and high voltage harmonic filter solutions to HVDC and SVC systems

Project management to implement the power quality solution

GE offers the following Power Quality Services:

Harmonic content measurements

Design, Installation, Commissioning of harmonic filters and switched capacitors

Surge protection

Grounding equipment and systems