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Electrical Balance of Plant
Solutions for Power Generation

Todays power plants, whether heavy duty gas turbines, a distributed mobile “power plant on wheels”, or a remote wind farm, are becoming increasingly complex, especially when connecting different disparate systems seamlessly together.

GE helps utilities solve these challenges with its versatile and robust solutions for Electrical Balance of Plant (EBoP) applications. Offering best-in-class manufactured products with engineering and installation services, GE’s EBoP solutions are scalable to support a large range of projects from heavy duty turbine generation to renewable wind and solar applications.


GE’s EBoP systems cater to all types of project requirements including supplying equipment, engineered packages, and full engineering,procurement and construction (EPC) implementations. GE designs and manufactures innovative, durable and robust electrical equipment for the energy value chain, and has the extensive project, application and industry experience to deliver complex integrations on-time and on-budget. GE's EBoP systems work seamlessly across a broad range of applications and power generation types including distributed power, renewable generation and thermal power.

Partnering with customers to define the project scope and vision is GE’s top priority in all EBoP system implementations. In addition, GE supports customers over the long-term with full system lifecycle support post installation.

Distributed Power

GE’s distributed power solution includes full end-to-end components from transformers and switchgear to protection and control and cabling systems. Distributed power applications are offered as Packaged Substations and Custom Substations.

Renewable Power

Offering solutions for both wind and solar renewable generation applications, the system is compromised of relays, meters, communication hardware, HMI to SCADA integration, and a pre-packaged control building connected to the switchyard. The implemented solution reduces testing, commissioning and maintenance for customers.

Thermal Power

GE provides an integrated system with complete monitoring and control of the power plant for thermal power generation applications. This includes all electrical aspects of a plant from power evacuation to switchyard control. The system is engineered using reference designs resulting in higher reliability and quicker return on investment.

Packaged Substation for TM-2500 Application

The power generation environment is evolving rapidly due to electricity demand in emerging markets, regulatory reform, unpredictable global weather patterns, political unrest, and the grid impact of renewable and distributed power. This creates a need for Electrical Balance of Plant (EBoP) systems in the Distributed Power segment.


GE's Packaged Substation is a turnkey switchyard solution for 145kV class, 2-TM2500+ power delivery applications. Traditional substations incorporate custom design-and-build high voltage (HV) switchyard and medium voltage (MV)/low voltage (LV) auxiliary systems. GE's packaged EBoP substations are pre-engineered, pre-packaged and pre-tested to provide full HV, MV, and LV functionality in modular ISO® standard shipping containers. This unique approach helps customers to:

    Accelerate Revenue
  • Time to Commercial Operations (COD) reduced, accelerating revenue up to $1.2MM
  • Pre-engineered design drives shorter equipment lead times
  • Installation and commissioning reduced to 3-4 weeks
  • Lower Cost and Risk
  • Pre-fabricated construction reduces site installation cost
    up to 50%
  • Factory pre-FAT and pre-SAT reduce quantity and risk of on-site testing Substation and eBOP substantially de-risked within overall project plan
    Simplify Logistics
  • ISO containers simplify shipping logistics and reduce permitting
  • Modular design supports flexible site arrangement
  • Site prep is minimized and system can be moved from site to site

  • Require Less Skilled Labor
  • Plug-and-play installation and standard cables/connectors eliminate point-to-point field wiring
  • Skilled labor requirements reduced for installation and commissioning

Major components include:

  • Generator Step Up Transformers (GSU)
  • Current and Voltage Transformers
  • Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
  • IEC 61850 Compliant Process Bus Network High Voltage Disconnect Switches
  • HV Surge Arresters, Insulators
  • Protection and Control System
  • Networking Connectivity
  • Cabling Systems
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Packaged Solutions for Distributed Power: Custom Solutions

The Custom Design & Build Substation solution is suitable for temporary and emergency power where site specific needs require custom engineering. The solution is scalable, flexible, modular and pre-designed system. The EBoP system can be delivered as a fully engineered equipment package, a fully engineered, procured and constructed solution, or installed as individual components to meet customer's specific requirements.


Major Components for Distributed Power Applications

  • Generator Step up Transformers
  • Current and Voltage Transformers
  • Gas Insulated Switchgear
  • High Voltage Circuit Breakers (LT/DT)
  • Air Insulated Switchgear (LT/DT/Compact)
  • Disconnect Switches
  • HV Arresters, Insulators
  • Protection & Control
  • Networking Connectivity
  • Systems Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Cabling Systems

Key Benefits

  • Increases reliability with a proven and repeatable standard design
  • Decreases project costs, such as engineering designs, due to modular and predesigned system
  • Minimizes inefficiencies and streamlines processes, delivering accurate scoping due to equipment and system studies
  • Enables quicker return on investment facilitated by fast generation of electricity

Renewable Power Applications

The EBoP solution for wind and solar applications is a flexible and standardized system meeting the specific requirements of both developers and utilities. GE’s solutions range from high voltage switchyard equipment to systems hardware and design, and engineering services include system studies, civil, electrical, protection and control engineering, control building and panel assembly and on-site installation and testing.

GE utilizes proprietary engineering tools to optimize the design and configuration of the collector circuits and provides turnkey SCADA solutions required for the integration of the power plant into the grid, including the HMI screens for providing status and controls with the option of remote control and diagnostics.


Major Components for Renewable Power Applications

  • Modular control building with protection, control, metering and communications panels
  • Medium and High Voltage switchgear
  • Capacitor banks
  • GSU Power Transformer (generator step-up)
  • Integrated SCADA system
  • Optional monitoring and diagnostic systems for transformers and breakers

Key Benefits

  • Minimizes inefficiencies and streamlines processes, due to system planning and studies
  • Optimizes configuration of the substation consistent with customer requirements resulting from rigorous and accurate scoping
  • Reduces costs, increases flexibility and provides standardization by utilizing industry leading design tools for ease-of-integration in design, procurement and installation
  • Reduces testing, commissioning and maintenance actions, due to modular system design

Thermal Power Applications

The EBoP offering for thermal power uses a reference design and includes all electrical aspects of a power plant from power evacuation to control. The integrated system is scalable, flexible and is designed to respond to customer’s requirements, whether as a fully engineered equipment package, a fully engineered, procured and constructed solution, or installed as individual components. GE’s solution can be tailored to meet project specific needs, compliance to codes and standards and local requirements. The GE solution brings together the vast GE Turbine fleet expertise coupled with the EBoP portfolio.


Major Components for Thermal Power Applications

  • High Voltage Equipment
  • Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Equipment including Protection and Control Systems
  • Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems for Transformers and Motors
  • Generator Protection
  • Generator Step up Transformers Auxiliary Transformers
  • Power Metering Systems
  • Communications systems
  • Plant Control System

Key Benefits

  • Faster return on investment facilitated by on time COD
  • High reliability enhanced by proven design, compliant with international standards
  • Complete monitoring and control of power plant electrical systems enabling better visibility and maintenance
  • Seamless installation and commissioning due to integrated system with optimized interfaces.
  • Increases visibility and maintenance due to complete monitoring and control of power plant electrical system
  • Smoother project execution due to single coordinating design and construction entity assuring coordination among all designs and systems

HV Primary Equipment



GE offers a wide range of transformer solutions for the utility, industrial, commercial, residential, and energy markets. These products feature flexible, reliable, and robust designs to support a wide range of applications.


Circuit Breakers

GE offers a full range of Live and Dead Tank HV Circuit Breakers from 72,5 up to 800 kV. Based on proven technology, advanced manufacturing and testing capabilities, our circuit breaker suit a broad range of applications. GE offers also specific compact, hybrid switchgear modules for 123 to 170 kV AIS bays.


Gas-insulated Substations

GE provides high performance, compact and flexible Gas-insulated substation (GIS) solutions for high voltage power transmission and distribution networks. Supporting a voltage range of 72.5 up to 800kV, GE has delivered more than 23,000 bays around the world.


Instrument Transformers

GE’s Instrument Transformers are designed to enable the protection of equipment and minimize the loss of product flow. This includes current and voltage transformers, test switches, control switches, lockout relays, three phase voltage monitors, ground fault detection systems, and power control components.


Disconnect Switches

GE offers a flexible range of disconnect switches with voltage ratings from 72,5 up to 1,200 kV AC with all types of configuration i.e. center, double-side, vertical, pantograph and earthing switches. GE disconnect switches delivers the reliability and operational performance required by these critical assets.


Surge Arrester/Insulators

GE provides lighting arresters /Insulators to meet customers’ system reliability requirements. Our products cover both IEEE and IEC markets from medium voltage (34.5kV) to ultra high voltage (1100kV), for both AC and DC application, and offer both porcelain and polymer housed products.


Generator Circuit Breakers

GE provides generator circuit breaker solutions for installation in new power plants up to 1,500 MW or for refurbishment of existing ones. All generator circuit breakers are designed to meet customer-specific needs. Both circuit breaker only and combined solutions are available.

Medium and Low Voltage Equipment


MV/LV Switchgear &
Motor Control Centers

GE offers medium and low voltage switchgear and motor control centres which can meet the most demanding requirements for high current applications up to 6400A down to MCC applications for a few kW. GE’s switchgear is suited to provide control and protection for cables, transformers, capacitors and motors.


Auxiliary Transformers

GE offers a wide range of auxiliary transformers, characterized by proven technology, application flexibility, lower installations costs, operating efficiency and environmental acceptability designed for use in most demanding and diverse environments and in all applications requiring reliable electrical power.



GE offers a comprehensive range of busways designed to international standards, that address the requirement of the global market with outstanding levels of electrical installation performance.


MV/LV Circuit Breakers

GE offers a wide range of MV/LV circuit breakers which can be applied in controlling and protecting electrical equipment in industrial, mineral enterprises, power plants and substations. All products conform to IEC62271 standard and can be installed as a fixed or withdrawable application.


Drives & Motors

GE offers a comprehensive range of drives and motors that comply with global standards. GE drives and motors are designed and manufactured to operate efficiently and reliably in challenging applications and severe environments where reliability and ease of maintenance is critical.


Solar Convertors

GE provides a complete range of central inverters based on a modular and compact approach, specifically designed for the solar industry. GE has extensive experience designing and installing more than 26 GW of converters for the renewable energy industry, and decades of experience in controls for a wide range of utility applications.


Variable Speed Drives

GE’s Variable Speed Drives (VSD) solutions for auxiliary power plant systems such as pumps and fans adjust quickly to the required plant output and are designed to improve operational flexibility during low and peak demands. They can help to reduce production cost through energy savings and increase process efficiency.


Static Frequency Convertor/Static Excitation Equipment

GE‘s static frequency converters (SFC) enable a soft starting system for gas turbines with generators running as motors, and help to enhance process performance. SEMIPOL compact units, a combination of a SEE and SFC offer space and cost saving design.

Integrated Intelligent Controls


Digital Substations

GE can deliver primary equipment with integrated digital communications. The Multilin™ HardFiber System digitizes analog signals from primary assets utilizing IEC 61850 communications, reducing total life costs of protection and control through labor and resource optimization. This factory-installed solution reduces the amount of labor-intensive, individually terminated copper wire connections with pre-terminated copper and fiber optic cables.


Transformer Monitoring & Diagnostics

GE offers a wide range of solutions that monitor, manage, detect and diagnose transformer issues to optimize substation assets. Online monitoring of transformer oil with composite gas or multiple gas Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), allows asset owners to be notified of developing conditions that could lead to unscheduled outages. Our advanced prognostics and proven modeling capture and analyze critical transformer data.


Electrical Protection & Control

GE uses substation hardened MiCOM Agile and Multilin protection and control relays to provide comprehensive protection, control, automation, and monitoring of primary substation equipment. With fast deterministic execution of programmable automation logic, extensive I/O options, and integrated peer-to-peer communications, MiCOM Agile and Multilin devices ensure optimized asset performance for maximum power system availability.


Industrial Strength Communications

GE's solution set of secure and ruggedized wireless devices, fiber optic multiplexers and Ethernet switches provide customers with a means to reduce the time and labor associated with substation construction and expansion. GE integrates a range of technologies, from cellular to private, and licensed to unlicensed, to support customer needs for secure private, public and hybrid communications networks.

GE’s Project Management Approach

Based on years of global experience and several deployments across multiple applications and industries, GE has dedicated projects teams working in partnership with our customers to ensure successful system implementations. Each Electrical Balance of Plant project, from the supply of an equipment only package (EEP) to a full Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) system, is assigned an experienced and dedicated project team. GE’s project management approach follows a well-established set of processes and procedures, that have resulted in the highest on-time delivery in the industry.

Professional Services Process and Key Activities