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DC Substation Solutions

For Metal Processing Applications

GE's Direct Current (DC) substation solutions are custom designed systems that provide highly reliable and efficient DC voltage and current for specific metals processing operations.

GE has provided approximately half of all aluminium smelting DC plants globally since 2007. A significant reason for this is the technology advantages that GE provides over other competitive offerings. GE's solution in the aluminium smelting application currently provides the highest DC amperage of any offering in the industry, providing 600kA's to the potline process.

GE has over 60 years' experience in delivering over 600 DC substation projects for industrial applications in diverse and extreme environmental conditions in over 70 countries.

GE provides a comprehensive range of medium voltage and high voltage products and services for DC substations in various metal processing applications. These solutions can be delivered as Engineered Equipment Packages (EEP), Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) and support services.

GE Advantage Typical installations Application examples GE experience
GE Advantage

GE provides industrials with the following competitive advantages


Deep domain technical expertise providing full system lifecycle support resulting in simplified and streamlined commercial offerings

  • Only global supplier that can provide full scope from HV to MV integrated electrical distribution systems, including power plant DC substation, AC substation and ECS package.
  • Eliminating project and logistical complexities by providing a single point of interface to the customer through the project lifecycle.
  • Over 60 years' experience with more than 600 DC substation projects for industrial applications delivered in diverse and extreme environmental conditions in over 70 countries
  • Vertically integrated advanced manufacturing facilities, certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 produce all major DC Substation components

Industry leading technology maximizing plant efficiency and delivering reliable plant operations

  • Superimposed compact rectifier design that is inherently more reliable, providing easy access to key components for maintenance, fitted with safer pressure relief devices and less subject to internal arcing.
  • Industry leading transformer technology with one of the lowest loss designs available
  • Specially featured Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) enabling ease of maintenance without disrupting 24/7 smelting operations
  • Control system components/technologies are state-of-the art as used in many other industrial applications with wider knowledge community, support and documentation.

Proven experience with track record of successful project execution to minimize the customers risk

  • Supplied nearly 50% of the DC substations globally since 2007 for the Aluminium smelting market demonstrating that our customers recognize GE technology leadership and execution capability.
  • Proven DC substation amperage at 600kA, the highest amperage of any project in the world.
  • Recognized as the industry leader in compensation loop technology, providing higher efficiencies through magnetic field effect mitigation
  • On-time project delivery on large revamping projects without production interruption
  • Proven ability and flexibility to address customers' technical needs and to propose innovative, customized solutions
Typical Installations
Typical Installation
Application Examples
Jonquiere Pilot Plant
Client: Rio Tinto Aluminium
Location of installation: Canada
Site temperature conditions: min -40 °C; max +40°C
Number of potlines: 1
Potline rating: > 600 kA / 1200 Vdc
Power system voltage: 161 kV
Transformers: 7 x (rectifier + regulating)
  130 MVA each
Rectifier groups: 7 x 95 kA / 1200 Vdc
Turnkey project without civil works
In operation since: 2013
Voltage Source Converter
Aditya / Mahan Plants
Client: Hindalco
Location of installation: Aditya (Odisha India)
Mahan (Uttar Pradesh India)
Site temperature conditions: min +10° C; max +50° C
Number of potlines: 2
Potline rating: 370 kA / 1650 Vdc
Power system voltage: 220 kV (AIS)
Transformers: (each site) 5 x (rectifier + regulating)
  188 MVA each
Rectifier groups: (each site) 5 x 100 kA / 1650 Vdc
Turnkey project without civil works
In operation since: 2013 / 2014
Voltage Source Converter
GE Experience

GE has designed, delivered and supports over 600 DC substation projects for industrial applications in diverse and extreme environmental conditions in over 70 countries. The below details are a selected representation of recent projects, a complete reference list is available upon request.

World Map
  1. Bahrain
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 4x40kA / 40V
    Total DC Output: 6,4 MW
    Year: 2016
  2. Greece
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 1x32kA / 1160V
    Total DC Output: 37,1 MW
    Year: 2016
  3. Egypt
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 5x25kA / 850V 1x25kA / 450V
    Total DC Output: 139,1 MW"
    Year: 2015
  4. Vietnam
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 6x105kA / 1450V 5x18kA / 210V
    Total DC Output: 934,6 MW
    Year: 2014
  5. Germany
    Application: Chlorine
    Rating: 5x13,75kA / 270V
    Total DC Output: 18,6 MW
  6. Germany
    Application: Zinc
    Rating: 1x45kA / 600V
    Total DC Output: 27 MW
    Year: 2012
  7. USA
    Application: Chlorine
    Rating: 2x21kA / 685V
    Total DC Output: 28,8 MW
    Year: 2012
  8. Germany
    Application: Chlorine
    Rating: 1x27,5kA / 480V
    Total DC Output: 13 MW
    Year: 2011
  9. France
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 1x100kA / 1200V
    Total DC Output: 120 MW
    Year: 2011
  10. Iceland
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 1x92kA / 1650V
    Total DC Output: 152 MW
  1. France
    Application: Graphitization
    Rating: 2x70kA / 220V
    Total DC Output: 19,9 MW
    Year: 2011
  2. Finland
    Application: Chlorine
    Rating: 1x60kA / 315V
    Total DC Output: 18,9 MW
    Year: 2011
  3. Cameroon
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 1x54kA / 1300V
    Total DC Output: 70 MW
    Year: 2010
  4. Egypt
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 1x77kA / 450V
    Total DC Output: 35 MW
    Year: 2010
  5. India
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 5x100kA / 1650V
    Total DC Output: 825 MW
    Year: 2009
  6. India
    Application: Aluminium
    Ratings: 5x100kA / 1650V
    Total DC Output: 825 MW
    Year: 2009
  7. Turkey
    Application: Copper
    Ratings: 2x20kA / 170V 1x10kA / 30V
    Total DC Output: 7,1 MW
    Year: 2009
  8. Bahrain
    Application: Aluminium
    Ratings: 2x5x37kA / 1200V
    Total DC Output: 444 MW
    Year: 2008
  9. Germany
    Application: Chlorine
    Rating: 10x16,25kA / 540V
    Total DC Output: 88 MW
    Year: 2008
  10. Norway
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 36,2kA / 1360V
    Total DC Output: 49 MW
    Year: 2008
  1. Australia
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 3x60kA / 625V
    Total DC Output: 113 MW
  2. Russia
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 2x5x85kA / 1570V
    Total DC Output: 1335 MW
    Year: 2007
  3. Russia
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 2x6x85kA / 1570V
    Total DC Output: 1601 MW
    Year: 2007
  4. Germany
    Application: Chlorine
    Rating: 3 x 17,7kA / 610V
    Total DC Output: 32 MW
    Year: 2007
  5. Germany
    Application: Chlorine
    Rating: 4 x 17,7kA / 610V
    Total DC Output: 43,188 MW
    Year: 2007
  6. Poland
    Application: Chlorine
    Rating: 2x16,9kA / 600V
    Total DC Output: 20 MW
    Year: 2007
  7. Portugal
    Application: Hydrochloric acid
    Rating: 2x12,5kA / 530V
    Total DC Output: 13 MW
    Year: 2007
  8. Canada
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 7x95kA / 1200V 6x102kA / 42V
    Total DC Output: 786 MW
    Year: 2007
  9. Sweden
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 2x40kA / 750V 1x40kA / 640V
    Total DC Output: 85,6 MW
    Year: 2007
  10. Norway
    Application: Aluminium
    Rating: 40kA / 1000V
    Total DC Output: 40 MW
    Year: 2007