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Digital Control Systems

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Industrial Energy Management Systems (IEMS)
Monitor. Measure. Manage.

IEMS is a highly customizable, fully integrated end-to-end energy management solution providing industry specific functional solutions for Monitoring, Reporting and Control & Automation. GE IEMS is designed and engineered for each application to provide accurate monitoring of energy consumption, analysis of operational data, automated alerts and alarming, system events meeting application and operational requirements.

Delivered as a comprehensive system, our team follows field proven Program Management processes to ensure successful execution and implementation of the energy management system. A holistic system approach is used to plan, schedule and control the project to achieve customer objectives in a cost effective and timely manner.

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Informed Decisions

Access GE Grid Solutions and third-party devices and systems in real-time for graphical representations of substation equipment status, energy trends, remote control of devices and automated responses to system conditions. IEMS provides a clear and accurate perspective of the facility to make informed, timely decisions when overcoming challenges such as:

  • Energy costs escalating out of control
  • Revenue robbing process downtime
  • Premature equipment failure
  • Materials/Inventory loss and process stoppage due to power outages
  • Expensive system capacity upgrades

Complete Solutions

The GE IEMS team delivers tailored hardware, software and services focused on maximizing reliability and helping facility managers to reduce energy usage and costs.

  • Consultation Services
  • Site Evaluation
  • System Analysis
  • Managed Solutions
  • Project Services
  • Solution Training
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Ongoing System Support